5 Tricks on how to use your iPhone and keep it away from viruses; it works for samsung

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Nova Mutum, MT, September 6, 2022, by Jozenira Silva – The iPhone has been standing out more and more in the market. After all, it has great advantages over other phone brands. And the main audience to be fished for these advantages is the famous, they use it as a work tool.

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The iPhone has been conquering the Brazilian population for the ease of handling the device, let’s say that it has become a gold mine for users because it contains photos, personal data and even documents of paramount importance. But not everyone is careful to keep it safe, away from viruses or hackers. In view of this, the site My-iPhone came to leave some tips that may be helping you keep your device safe.

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Here are 5 tips on how to make your iPhone safer

1 – iOS Update

Update your iOS, because with each update Apple detects where the device’s security flaws are and corrects it. But where can I find this update? Very simple. Setup > General > Software Update.

2 – Unknown apps

Avoid installing unknown apps on your device, the Apple Store has a very strict security system, but it is not 100% secure. With this in mind, be aware that with just one click you could be infecting your device or opening doors for hackers.

3 – Don’t Jailbreak

But what is this? jailbreak it is a process that allows unknown apps to be installed on your device, that is, it is a way to manipulate the factory security system. When performing the Jailbreak your device will be exposed to viruses and hackers.

4 – Wi-Fi networks

Few know that public Wi-Fi networks can have several ways to contaminate your device, that is, an unknown network can possibly lead you to a website and not only infect your device, but steal your personal data.

5 – Antivirus

And last but not least, install an antivirus on your device, the vast majority of devices regardless of brand come with an antivirus.

How to remove virus from my iPhone and Samsung?

The virus has been a big problem for many Brazilians, and the vast majority end up choosing to look for a professional to remove it due to lack of knowledge. By the way, this removal can be done by yourself, see steps below and adopt these tips when you notice that your device may be being invaded or with a virus.

  • One of the easiest ways to get rid of the virus is to restart your smartphone and update iOS
  • Remove suspicious apps
  • Restore your device to a previous backup version
  • Reset your device to factory settings
  • Activate the antivirus

It is worth mentioning that there are also several other types / ways to get rid of the dreaded virus, but the most viable is to reset or format your device, either by yourself following the steps mentioned above or seek help from a professional to solve your problem. problem.

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