Apple Watch Series 8, SE and Ultra are announced as brand new smartwatches

One of the news revealed at the event this Wednesday afternoon (7) is the announcement of the new smart watches from Apple. The company presented three smartwatches to the public: the Watch Series 8, the Watch SE and the Watch Ultra.

They have different user characteristics. TudoCelular followed the event and details the highlights of each one below.

Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch Series 8 follows the familiar line of its predecessors. The case sizes continue with the 41mm and 45mm options, plus strap and sensor maintenance.

The difference now is that the frontal leverage has increased. In other words, this is a reflection of the flatter surface, which allowed to reduce the edges around the display. The Series 8 has the ability to be waterproof and dustproof as well as scratch resistant.

Regarding the features, we have the ones already known from the last generation. This includes measuring heart rate, blood oxygenation and the electrocardiogram, to know details of heart health.

Among the novelties is the temperature gauge, focused on showing when the user has a fever. The sensor will also be used to measure the menstrual cycle, to identify when a woman is in the ovulation phase – when she is most likely to become pregnant.

Talking about security, the highlight is the knock detector. When it senses a car collision, the clock will begin a countdown to call 911.

The battery comes with a total autonomy of 18 hours, but there is a new Power Saving Mode, which allows you to extend it to 36 hours on a single charge.

Apple Watch SE

The most modest model in the family, the Apple Watch SE arrives in its second generation with improvements compared to its predecessor. It has a 30% larger screen than the Series 3, as well as being 20% ​​faster than the previous generation.

This version comes with the same sensors as the Series 8, as well as its chip. In other words, features are present here, such as heart rate measurements, blood oxygenation, temperature and menstrual cycle tracking, as well as collision detection.

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra is the most powerful smart watch of the new generation. It comes with a 49mm case and will have a display with few bezels. This template aims to deliver a greater amount of health information directly to the home screen.

The wearable will also contain customization options in the interface, to gather as much data as possible. The intention is that its use is more focused on professional athletes, with resistance to extreme situations, such as high or low temperatures, dust, water, among other conditions, thanks to the military certification of resistance.

One of its design differentials is the action button, created to give specific commands or even warn your location, in case you are lost somewhere and need an emergency.

The battery has been improved and delivers a total of 36 hours of autonomy from the factory, which can be extended to 60 hours in the future.

Apple Watch Pro be

economy and market
06 Sep

Apple Watch SE 2022 could be announced at Wednesday (7) event with Watch Series 8 chip

economy and market
05 Sep

prices and availability

All Apple smartwatch models will be available for pre-sale in the international market as of this Wednesday (7), with deliveries starting on September 16 for the Series 8 and SE, while the Ultra will hit stores only in September 23th. See below the suggested prices for the new smart watches from “Apple” in the international market.

  • Apple Watch Series 8 GPS from R$5,299
  • Apple Watch Series 8 GPS + Cellular from R$ 6,599
  • Apple Watch SE GPS from R$3,399
  • Apple Watch SE GPS + Cellular from R$3,999
  • Apple Watch Ultra from R$10,299

So, did you like Apple’s new smartwatches? Comment with us!

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