Application driver is robbed and records the action by cell phone in Hortolândia; VIDEO | Campinas and Region

An app transport driver was robbed on Wednesday night (7), in the Jardim Santiago neighborhood, in Hortolândia (SP), by two men who claimed to be armed, and recorded the entire action through an app on his cell phone. . Watch above.

The robbery took place around 11:40 pm. The images show the moment of the approach to the driver. One of the criminals, sitting in the back seat, announces the robbery and takes the victim’s wallet. The suspects took R$ 600. The car and cell phone were not stolen because the man told the thieves that they were being tracked.

According to the driver, the race started in the Calegari neighborhood, in Sumaré (SP), heading to Hortolândia. A woman was the one who requested the race, but two men took her place.

In the video, it is possible to see that the victim still appeals to criminals not to take the cell phone, since he uses it for work. He even offers an energy drink to criminals, who are nervous about the proposal.

Then the driver is immobilized by one of the robbers while the other enters his door in search of more belongings and ends up taking an energy drink. Finally, they flee the scene on foot.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to work this week because of the feeling of fear that really remains, and because of the impunity. Thank God that nothing worse happened and move on,” the driver told EPTVan affiliate of TV Globo.

The driver registered the incident report on the internet this Thursday (8). No one has been arrested as of publication.

Driver recorded robbery in Hortolândia – Photo: Reproduction/EPTV

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