Brazil loses the post of most expensive iPhone in the world

Since the iPhone was released here on Brazilour country has been at the top of the rankings of higher prices. So knowing that we have the Most Expensive iPhones in the World it’s not new. We can consider it a “novelty”, therefore, when he is not the most expensive in the world, which is happening this year.

The website nukeni raised the prices of the newly announced iPhones 14/14 Plus and 14 Pro/14 Pro Max in 37 countries and, by the list, we see that Brazil lost the post of the most expensive iPhone in the world to the Turkey. This had already happened in 2017, but this time the difference between countries is around US$300 – which is quite a lot. The countries where the devices are cheaper are United States and Japan.

Check out the comparisons of some models in some places (from cheapest to most expensive):

iPhone 14 128GB

  • United States: US$829
  • Japan: US$833.33
  • China: US$861.17
  • Hong Kong: US$878.87
  • Canada: US$879.50
  • France: US$1,019.86
  • Italy: US$1,029.87
  • Portugal: US$1,039.88
  • Brazil: US$1,447.87
  • Turkey: US$1,700.67

iPhone 14 Plus 128GB

  • United States: US$929
  • Japan: US$937.67
  • Hong Kong: US$980.78
  • South Korea: US$981.45
  • Canada: US$999.54
  • France: US$1,169.99
  • Italy: US$1,180.00
  • Portugal: US$1,190.01
  • Brazil: US$1,638.40
  • Turkey: US$1,920.12

iPhone 14 Pro 128GB

  • United States: US$999
  • Japan: US$1,042.01
  • Hong Kong: US$1,095.44
  • Canada: US$1,119.58
  • South Korea: US$1,126.85
  • France: US$1,330.12
  • Italy: US$1,340.13
  • Portugal: US$1,350.14
  • Brazil: US$1,809.88
  • Turkey: US$2,194.43

iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB

  • United States: US$1,099
  • Japan: US$1,146.35
  • Hong Kong: US$1,197.35
  • Thailand: US$1,232.82
  • Canada: US$1,239.62
  • France: US$1,480.25
  • Italy: US$1,490.26
  • Portugal: US$1,500.27
  • Brazil: US$2,000.42
  • Turkey: US$2,413.87

The analysis is done with the launch price of unlocked devices on Apple’s website. It is worth noting, of course, that in the US and Canada taxes are calculated from the outside; as in some American states there is no such charge, for example, they were not taken into account in the ranking.

Since the exchange rates used for currency conversion are updated daily, the prices above are the same at the time of analysis and may change with the variations of currencies over the days.

Let’s hope this trend continues and prices drop more and more here in the coming years.

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