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The second man accused of stabbing 10 people to death and wounding 18 others in the region of an Indian reservation in Saskatchewan province, Canada, died on Wednesday (7) after being arrested by police. The information, anticipated by TV Global News, was confirmed by the police at a press conference in the evening.

The crime took place on Sunday (4) and, the following day, the accused’s brother – who was also involved in the attacks – was found dead with multiple injuries.

Initially, investigators reported that Myles Sanderson, 32, had been detained near the town of Rosthern, 100 kilometers from where the murders took place. According to Global News, the accused surrendered, and agents tried to keep him alive to a hospital. He, however, died minutes later — he is believed to have injured himself before his arrest, and an autopsy should shed light on what happened.

The arrest and death came hours after police reported that an individual with a knife had been seen driving a stolen pickup truck in the town of Wakaw, east of Rosthern. Investigators then urged residents of the region to take shelter in safe places and exercise caution in case strangers showed up at their homes.

On Tuesday, the accused’s parents had asked him to turn himself in. “Myles, turn yourself in, please. You can do this,” his mother told Canadian broadcaster CBC News. “Go back. Do the right thing.” The father also spoke to reporters. “We don’t want any more harm. I don’t want anyone else hurt. Please, my son. I love you. Surrender. Be safe,” he said. The two cried while giving interviews.

Myles had a long criminal record. CBC News reported that he had been wanted by security forces in a provincial town in Saskatchewan since May, when he stopped showing up for meetings with the agent responsible for overseeing his probation. He served time for assault, robbery, property damage and threat.

Police are now investigating whether he may have also killed his brother, Damien, who was found dead on a lawn near a house that was being investigated.

According to the corporation, Sunday’s attacks took place in different locations in Saskatchewan, including the James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon communities, and 13 crime scenes are being investigated.

The accused fled in a black car and there are reports that they were in Regina, the provincial capital, more than 300 kilometers from the attacked areas. The alert caused the search to extend to the neighboring provinces of Manitoba and Alberta, a vast area equivalent to almost half of the European continent.

The episode ranks among the deadliest in recent Canadian history. Police say they are still investigating the motives for the crime and believe that some of the victims appear to have been targeted by the accused, while others were attacked at random.

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