Do not type THESE dangerous words on WhatsApp or you will be BANNED

O Whatsapp, like any other social network, has rules and behaviors that must be followed by users. They make up the guidelines that govern the proper functioning of the platforms and those who fail to comply with them may face sanctions.

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A clear example is Twitter, where even famous people who violate usage rules are banned and have their account suspended. Scenario can be seen on WhatsApp, which recently updated some of its monitoring mechanisms.

Now, whoever uses certain words considered “dangerous” can be punished and even lose count. Check below what they are and avoid using them in the messenger at all costs.

Dangerous Words You Shouldn’t Type on WhatsApp

With the arrival of new control mechanisms, especially to avoid threats or scams within the platform, accounts with criminal potential or suspicious people are being banned from WhatsApp.

However, depending on the case, the deletion can happen unintentionally, with people who only used certain types of words in conversations. Therefore, some terms should be avoided, including cursing, even if it is a joke between friends.

The fact is that if someone feels offended, for example, it is possible to file a complaint. The result of this could be the temporary blocking of activity in the application. Among the most dangerous words are “pornography” and “sexual abuse“. Other contextualized expressions within the scope of violence can also lead to banishment.

Therefore, be careful with what you send in the messenger, whether by audio or text, because if at any time some of these mechanisms catch some of these words, your WhatsApp account may be at risk.

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