Fans are blasting Harry Styles after new movie trailer

After being accused of spitting on Chris Pine, his co-star in Don’t Worry Honey, and having his “accent juggling” criticized by fans in Olivia Wilde’s thriller, Harry Styles doesn’t seem to have a day of peace.

The newest reason to pick on the artist is coming after movie fans got a look at his role as Michael Grandage in Amazon Prime Video’s romantic drama My Cop.

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In the film, Styles plays Tom Burgess, a police officer who is secretly gay and tries to balance his marriage to wife Marion and his relationship with a man named Patrick.

As his character faces a serious dilemma, fans couldn’t help but scoff at Harry’s acting skills, or lack thereof, after a cut of the film’s new trailer went viral.

In the short cut we see Styles’ character arguing with his lover Patrick about the sanctity of marriage. “You don’t know anything about being married, so stop telling me what I should think about it,” Styles says as he punches the table. The internet mocked the artist’s acting and accent again

See the clip and some reactions from netizens on Twitter:

The internet reactions

The user who posted the original cut commented, “Seeing this man act is heartbreaking.”

“Genuine question, should he be American or English?” joked another internet user.

Another Twitter user said: “The acting isn’t too bad, but why does his British accent sound so fake? Like, isn’t he British?”

With a gif of kittens fighting with lightsabers, another person compared Styles to Gal Gadot: “He and Gal Gadot fighting over Raspberry of Another for worst actor like that.”

Another commenter said: “how is he british but the accent sounds so fake?”

And one more person compared Harry to Gadot: “Looks like Gal Gadot has found an opponent.”

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