For corruption, airline hired inexperienced pilots to fly its Boeing 777 planes

The media played a crucial role in Bangladesh, a country in South Asia, reporting complaints that led to an investigation that, in turn, found that several pilots flying for the national airline, Biman Bangladesh, were under irregular contracting conditions: through corruption and nepotism.

Minister of State for Civil Aviation M Mahbub Ali said that “several newspapers reported irregularities and nepotism in pilot recruitment. The matter was investigated at the highest level (of government) by various bodies. We also investigate on behalf of our ministry. And Biman also carried out investigation”.

According to the local daily Daily Star, the investigation report concluded that 14 pilots were recruited in violation of specific conditions mentioned in the job description. According to the report, among the eight commanders recruited, only two had the number of hours required to fly a Boeing 777 aircraft.

In total, adding the other models of Biman’s fleet, which also has Boeing 737 and Boeing 787 jets, there are 14 pilots with an evident irregular hiring process.

In response to a question, Mahbub Ali said, several pilots who have been recruited are currently undergoing training abroad. After they return, the report against them will be reviewed and a decision will be made regarding their recruitment, but the executive branch has assured that their recruitment will be revoked.

In addition, the minister also said that investigations are ongoing to identify the guilt of the people who participated in the pilot recruitment and selection process.

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