Gmail app on Android undergoes subtle changes in look

The Gmail app for Android has undergone a change that not everyone can easily notice. At first, the names of the icons at the bottom of the screen within the app are no longer present. In this case, the shortcuts refer to Inbox, Chat, Spaces and Meet.

It is worth remembering that Material You was introduced in the application recently with new visual elements. Now, it undergoes a very subtle change and shows only the icons in a more minimalistic concept. The version of the application for iPad, for example, had this little novelty for a while.

This detail was already present for some users and has now been released to the general public. Overall, this can be an interesting measure, but it can also confuse people who find the icons too ambiguous. So it’s worth watching the community reaction on this.

Another change recently introduced by Google through the email application was the addition of personalized suggestions according to what the user is searching for. This feature was implemented to optimize search within the app. In this sense, it uses machine learning and learns the interactions made with the application.

If you haven’t seen this small change yet, try updating the app from the Play Store. The latest version is 22.08.07 and it should already be available for everyone to download and see if the change is pleasant or if it will interfere with usability.

Did you like this change in look or did you find it indifferent? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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