Google’s registration chat received criticism after using AI

At the I/O 2022 conference, which took place in May, the company announced the availability of its most advanced artificial intelligence. LaMDA 2, focused on dialogues that aim to evolve little by little, reaching a human level of abstraction, generated several clashes. Between technological fascination and fear of machine dominance, AI promises to revolutionize communication.

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Blake Lemoine’s Announcement

A few months ago, Blake Lemoine accused the new project of the Google of having gained consciousness of its own, threatening humanity. The conspiracy tone caused some panic on social media, as the software engineer lost his job. Temporarily interrupting activities related to the invention, the startup finally decided to publicize the launch.

LaMDA artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence system, accused of having become sentient, that is, able to express feelings, was generated in order to develop advanced conversations. In this case, the technology is able to respond to messages, as if it were a human, unlike the existing bots in the automated attendants of commercial companies.

In the midst of distrust, the tests began

Google has opened the registrations for people to volunteer in the first experiences with LaMDA 2. The first chosen ones will be American users of the Android system. Later, the novelty will be made available in other countries. For now, the dialogues involve the following activities:

  • Talk about it: conversations on topics about a topic (for now, machine learning is programmed only to talk about dogs).
  • Imagine it: type in a place name and LaMDA will make a description.
  • List it: from a theme, artificial intelligence issues a list of subtasks.

For developers, LaMDA will also be available, allowing AI-powered solutions to be supported.

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