Hacker invasion will force Rio de Janeiro city hall to exchange computers

O attack hacker to the digital system of the city hall of Rio de Janeiro will generate an extra expense to the public coffers. O County will have to replace up to 20 thousand computers, equivalent to half of its technological park, to normalize all affected services.

The exchange will be necessary to update the software, thus ensuring that the “vaccine” developed to eliminate or prevent network intrusion is really effective. The technological lag occurs because these computers have outdated systems.

“At first, we will change from 5,000 to 6,000 computers, prioritizing essential systems, such as those that serve the financial, collection, administrative, payment of social benefits and licensing sectors”, explained the municipal secretary of Government and Public Integrity. , Tony Ferreira de Carvalho Issaac Chalita.

The total cost of the replacement is not yet closed, according to the city. However, last week, a first batch arrived with 1,200 computers acquired for around R$ 8 million, in a contract that had already been tendered by the Price Registration System.

For this type of purchase, the government requires that suppliers interested in participating in the bidding process must agree to record in the system the price offered for a certain period (generally one year). Using this value as a parameter, the municipality may have to disburse around R$ 133 million.

Three weeks after the cyberattack, the municipality still hasn’t identified where the intrusion came from or has evidence that sensitive data, such as taxpayer information, was copied. The case is also investigated by the police. City hall technicians have not even set a deadline for fully restoring online services. The forecast is to reactivate all systems considered a priority in 30 to 45 days.

The service remains affected by the hack | Photo: reproduction

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