iPhone 14: how many days do Brazilians have to work to buy the new product?

The iPhone 14 line was introduced to the global market with major changes for the iPhone 14 Pro family models. That’s because the devices gained a new notch, chipset upgrade and even a 48 MP main camera.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Picodi’s people decided to do their traditional calculation of the “iPhone Index” to answer the question: how many days does an average Brazilian need to work to buy a 128 GB iPhone 14 Pro?

Taking into account that the official price of the device is R$ 8,549, the Brazilian needs to work for 74.2 days to buy Apple’s release in cash.

The calculation takes into account the most recent data from the IBGE, which indicates that the average salary in Brazil is R$2,693 gross (R$2,419 net). In addition, the iPhone Index also considers that all this money is saved for the purchase of the iPhone.

A curious detail of this year’s index is that Brazilians need to work five days less compared to the year 2021. This is because last year it took 79.2 days of work, while this amount reached a minimum of 63.7 days in 2019.

On the other hand, a Swiss citizen needs to work just 4.6 days to buy the same iPhone 14 Pro, while the American works a little longer (5.7 days). In general terms, developed countries have the highest average salary and this justifies the presence of several European countries in the index.

However, on the opposite side of the list, we have Turkey leading the index, as it takes 146.7 workdays, while the Philippines ranks second.

The index also shows that an Indian citizen and even a Mexican citizen needs to work much less than a Brazilian to buy Apple’s launch. These countries fit the list of those that are “developing”.

Of course, the historical series of the index shows that Brazilians have seen their purchasing power fluctuate a lot in recent years, but we can say that it is still very low in relation to the countries surveyed.

What did you think of this year’s index? Tell us your opinion here in the comments.

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