Is Instagram showing who viewed your profile?

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Last week, a rumor that Instagram was showing who viewed its profile went viral on Twitter and, consequently, on the internet in general.

In this sense, an internet user published a doctored image showing the supposed update of the platform. In the “Activities” tab, it contained a list with the number of visits to the profile on Instagram and the identification of each user.

The publication gained so much repercussion that the search for “Instagram shows who visited your profile” on Google increased significantly. Thus, many Internet users want to know the veracity of the news.

However, the same week, Instagram debunked the rumors. In other words, it was all a joke that got out of control.

Understand the case of the rumor involving Instagram

Rumors that Instagram would be showing who viewed its profile emerged after a Brazilian Twitter content creator known as Goulart posted a video on TikTok where he explains the tactic used to spread the lie. watch here!

In the content, the young man says that he unintentionally ended up deceiving more than 500,000 people and became news. Thus, he explains that he made a joke with his followers, but panic took over the users and his tweet went viral. After the backlash, Goulart deleted the post and apologized for the misunderstanding.

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