Italo Ferreira wins re-edition of the Olympic final and remains in the fight

Italo Ferreira beat the Japanese Kanoa Igarashi, today, in the first heat of the men’s WSL Finals, in Trestles, in the United States, which will decide the champion of the 2022 World Surfing Tour. when the Brazilian also got the best and took the gold medal.

At the beginning of the heat, still without priority, the two surfers paddled to the same wave. Italo complained about possible interference from Kanoa, but the judges decided not to punish the Japanese and gave neutral priority, when neither surfer gets priority.

Italo caught the first wave of the heat with 20 minutes to go and received a score of 4.33. Kanoa came shortly after and earned a 5.00 rating to take the lead.

The two surfers crashed on their second waves. In the sequence, Kanoa got the best score of the drums so far: 6.83. But Italo responded with a giant aerial: 8.17.

The advantage increased in the final minutes after the Brazilian caught another intermediate wave and received 5.20. With three minutes to go, Kanoa needed 6.55 to turn, but couldn’t. Final: 13.37 points in the sum of the Olympic champion, against 11.83 for the Japanese.

Italo now faces Australian Ethan Ewing in the next round. Whoever wins will then face off against fellow Australian Jack Robinson. The surviving surfer faces the Brazilian Filipe Toledo, leader of the world ranking, in the best of three heats to define the world champion of 2022. All this still today.

In the female category, Brazilian Tatiana Weston-Webb lost to Australian Stephanie Gilmore and said goodbye to the title dispute.

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