Johnny Depp’s dream role in Marvel is given to another actor

A major strength of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the cast the studio has managed to build over the years. But have you ever imagined if this universe had the Johnny Depp?


The franchise’s films have the biggest casts in history, and in films like “Avengers” we see that Marvel not only chose perfect actors for their heroes and villains, but also actors who ended up sharing great chemistry.

And for a while many fans wished that Johnny Depp could be a part of the MCU, there was a time of rumors indicating that the actor could even be Doctor Strange. But that was never the role Depp had been interested in.

Many Marvel roles almost had different actors, as several names chosen were not exactly the studio’s first choice, as is the case with Black Widowwhich only fell into Scarlett Johansson’s hands after actress Emily Blunt abandoned the role due to scheduling conflicts.

And there is this case of Johnny Depp that we will never know if it could have actually happened, after all very specific reasons ended up taking his dream character into the hands of another actor.

Johnny Depp’s Favorite Marvel Character Is Simply The datingantihero that will be introduced in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, played by the Mexican Tenoch Huerta. Check out what Depp had said earlier:

“I love Namor. I’ve always loved Prince Namor. He is great. There’s this weird double side to him. There’s also this thing about living underwater that I really liked. He was the alternative. The alternate superhero. He was the bohemian comic book type, and I like that.”

Would Johnny Depp have made a good Namor?

Would Johnny Depp have made a good Namor?

At the time Johnny Depp showed interest in Namor, the rights to the character still belonged to Universal Studios, meaning that even if Marvel wanted Depp they wouldn’t be able to cast the actor to bring the anti-hero to life.

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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is the official title of the continuation of one of the biggest hits of the MCU, scheduled for November 11, 2022!

The film will also feature the return of director and screenwriter Ryan Coogler and much of the original cast. Despite not revealing the fate of T’Challa, Marvel has confirmed that it will not replace actor Chadwick Boseman, who died in August 2020.

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