Julia Roberts and George Clooney make audiences laugh in ‘A Ticket to Heaven’

In 2010, perhaps it was no mere coincidence. In the book Eat, Pray, Love, author Elizabeth Gilbert told the story of a certain Liz Gilbert who, after a traumatic breakup, embarked on a journey of self-knowledge. The story became a Ryan Murphy movie with Julia Roberts. The character traveled around the world. She went to Italy (to eat), to India (to pray) and to Bali (to love). And now is it a coincidence? In A Ticket to Paradise, which opens this Thursday, 8, in theaters, Julia Roberts returns to Bali on another journey of self-discovery.

Your character is now called Georgia. She is married to David (George Clooney). They have been separated for 19 years and the situation remains unresolved. They cannot meet without exchanging barbs. Right off the bat, the film begins with the graduation of their daughter, Lily (Kaitlyn Dever). In the audience, as if it were a competition – is it not? – Georgia and David try to scream louder how they love their daughter, how wonderful she is. Graduated in Law, about to embark – in three months – into her professional life, in a large office, Lily goes on a pleasure trip with her best friend. Go where? to Bali. On the high seas, they discover that they have been abandoned by the speedboat. They despair, but another boat appears. Just step inside and look into the pilot’s eyes to know who Lily falls in love with.

Enter the sign – 37 days later. Why, exactly, 37 is up to each viewer. Mom and Dad get a phone call in the US. Lily announces that she is getting married, asks them to come to Bali for the ceremony. Georgia and David freak out. Based on their own experience, and convinced that their daughter is making a mistake, they embark united – and determined to prevent Lily from getting married. All of this happens quickly in the first 10 or 15 minutes of Ticket to Paradise. Director and screenwriter Ol Parker loves photogenic sets. He wrote The Exotic Hotel Marigold, directed Mamma Mia! There we go again. Perhaps it is worth remembering that the second was already about a marriage in crisis. Is it Parker’s authority?


Georgia has a pilot boyfriend, whom she calls every now and then. She’s on the beach and yells something like this: “This girl has no idea. She is seduced by the smile of a very handsome man in a place that resembles paradise. And I will stop her from repeating my mistake.” Once again, the theme was the sons, or the daughter, paying for the mistakes of the parents, the mother, in Mamma Mia! In an attempt to stop the wedding, Georgia and David come up with low-key scams like stealing the rings. Gede (Maxime Bouttier), the handsome Balinese, realizes the maneuver and tries to bring George to his senses. To the themes of the crisis, of parents and children, one more is added. The childishness of adults. Gede and Lily are certainly more adults than her parents.

Julia Roberts and George Clooney hit the screen. They have chemistry. She has that hot laugh that we, her audience, have learned to love since Garry Marshall’s Pretty Woman, 1990. 32 years ago! Clooney is perfect as an on-call joker. In movies, as in life, and along with the seriousness of certain movies he’s made, he seems like the kind of guy who has the joke ready for any situation. He runs through the film trying to poison Gede with his spiteful insinuations that his union with Lily won’t work. But it’s Bali, and young people really love each other. It’s a romantic comedy, any doubts that everything will work out? For movie lovers, fun is a real treat. And it still has, for those who know how to see it, pertinent observations about relationships.
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