Lighter PS5 Has Internal Changes And Should Use Less Power | PlayStation

In Evans’ video, a new PS5 1200-series model imported from Australia is disassembled alongside a 1000-series model (from launch) and 2021 revision 1100 for comparison purposes. The motherboard of the new console version is approximately two inches shorter, with an even smaller heatsink and copper cooling tube. SSD storage that had a circuit board in previous versions now has exposed metal, something the youtuber speculated is for better heat dissipation. One downside is that the CMOS battery that stores the video game’s internal clock is now below all other components, which would make it difficult to replace it if necessary.

As previously known, this version is lighter. The model obtained by Evans is the PS5 Digital Edition CFI-1202B without disc player, which weighs around 3.3 kg compared to 3.5 kg for the 1100 series and 3.8 kg for the launch version 1000. In tests carried out by the youtuber, the console consumed 201 watts during a game session, a reduction of 20 to 30 watts compared to other models. The video game also produced the same noise level with its cooler and the heat generated seemed to be distributed better in the temperature test.

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