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After giving up his candidacy for the Federal Senate for the state of Tocantins, coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo was one of the speakers this Wednesday at Brasil Futebol Expo, an event organized by the CBF in São Paulo, and spoke for more than two hours about the “DNA of Brazilian football”, his desire to return to the fields, and was very critical of what he called “new football terminology”.

In her presentation, Luxa translated terms used by coaches active in Brazilian football and drew laughter from the audience formed by physical education students, coaches of youth teams, football investors and also by journalists.

“Modern is fuckin’, terminology ain’t shit. We have to talk about football in the Brazilian way. The “big field” is in England, here in Brazil it is “nois”, it is left winger, right winger, center forward. They’re saying that those of us who are 70 years old are outdated, and we’re fucked up.

Luxembourg during a lecture — Photo: Yago Rudá

Multi-champion for major clubs in the country and with stints at Real Madrid and the Brazilian national team, Luxemburgo translated terms such as “amplitude” to “open the ends”; “ball circulation” to “ball possession/keep the ball!”; “to score in low block” as “to score in your field” and “unbalanced extremes” as “dribbling ends”.

The coach also insisted, at all times, to defend the roots of Brazilian football, the offensive game and dribbling as a technical resource. As he had done at other times in his career, Luxemburgo rejected tactical schemes such as 4-2-3-1 and 4-1-4-1, saying that they have been used since the 1970 World Cup under other names.

– I doubt anyone will come out of there (audience) and show me a new tactics, there is no new tactics. They (press) get mad at me, I stand up to them because they’re afraid of me. Terminology is not modernity. Modernity is in the structure of Palmeiras, São Paulo, Corinthians, Atlético-MG – he argued.

Luxembourg gives its translations into modern terms — Photo: Yago Rudá

When the audience could ask questions, the coach opened his heart and said he intends to return to the pitch as soon as possible.

– I haven’t dropped the ball yet, maybe I’ll come back. This shit is so hot it makes you want to be back on the field – he finished.

Luxembourg gives its translations into modern terms — Photo: Yago Rudá

See what are the translations of Luxa:

  • Closing the center aisle of the field = Closing the midfield / jamming
  • Lose and press = Do not let play
  • Reactive = Mark in your field
  • Pro active = Playing with the ball in the opponent’s court
  • Offensive transition = Counterattack/go with the team to the opponent’s field with the ball
  • Mark in low block = Mark in your field
  • Dial in high block = Press dial/advance dial
  • Medium block = Marking in the middle
  • Unbalanced extremes = dribbler ends
  • Numerical superiority = 3 against 2/4 against 3/2 against 1
  • Amplitude = Open the ends
  • Depth = Receiving the ball in the back/empty
  • Attack by scoring = Decrease space
  • Create Pass Line = Pull over and appear for the game
  • Supported game = Get closer / triangulations / come play, damn it!
  • Runner change = Game changer
  • Getting out of the pressure zone = Get the ball out of there / kick the fuck out!
  • Ball Circulation = Ball Possession / Keep the Ball!
  • Mark en bloc = Close the house/compaction
  • Double in marking = Two against one in marking
  • Positional play = Don’t mess up tactically
  • Functional play = Tactical freedom / change of direction
  • Sustained line = Keep the line
  • Play between the lines = Break the line with a dribble or pass on the move
  • Post-loss pressure = Pressure the opponent in the loss of the ball/lost, presses
  • Timing = Bringing the opponent to your field without giving combat for team compression
  • Press = Shorten/shrink space, damn it!
  • Final third = Reach the bottom line
  • Box-to-box = Attack and defend with the same intensity from area to area
  • Builder side = Mid side

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