Man causes mass shootings in US and shows them live; 4 died

A mass shooter was arrested last night after provoking shootings and robberies, leaving four people dead and three injured in Memphis (USA). The suspect broadcast his attack on Facebook live, airing his violent actions for hours.

The criminal has been identified as 19-year-old Ezekiel Kelly. Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland said the youth was released from prison on March 16 after serving 11 months of an original three-year sentence for assault.

Ezekiel would have started the action around 1 am yesterday. According to the US broadcaster Fox News, he is wanted on other serious charges and the shooting will weigh even more on the criminal’s sentence if he is convicted.

“This has been a horrible week for the city of Memphis,” City Police Chief Cerelyn Davis told a news conference.

Before the attacks, at 19:00, the police issued a warning on social media for the population to stay away from Ezekiel, as he was “armed and dangerous”. Police said the suspect could have been involved in at least eight different shootings, Davis said.

According to police, at around 00:56, Ezekiel allegedly shot and killed a 24-year-old man in his garage. After the first homicide, he left the scene and began a string of random attacks, targeting people and forcing frightened villagers to flee.

In the afternoon, at 4:38 pm, the criminal shot a man who was sitting in his car several times, the chief of police said. The victim succumbed to his injuries and died at the scene. Ezekiel then reportedly fired his gun at a woman near a highway. She was shot in the leg and was transported to a hospital in stable condition.

Before 6 pm, Ezekiel started another shooting at the AutoZone store, a famous establishment in the city, while broadcasting the attack live, police said.

The video transmission was made by Facebook and later shared on other social networks. In the footage, Ezekiel Kelly can be seen getting out of a car and walking a few steps to the store before pulling out a gun and shooting a man inside the store twice. The man was taken to hospital in serious condition.

At one point in the recording, the shooter says to the camera: “It’s not a lie, this shit is real”.

One user informed police about the live stream and shortly afterward officials issued a public alert about Ezekiel Kelly and detailed the vehicle he was using. He later allegedly stole a gray Toyota SUV and shot the owner of the car. The crime took place around 19:23, the woman could not resist her injuries and died before being rescued.


Soon after, officers found two more victims, a man, who was taken to hospital with gunshot wounds, and a woman already dead.

To evade Memphis (Tenessee) authorities, Ezekiel tried to cross the border into the state of Mississippi. However, he was spotted by guards and a pursuit began on a highway. The shooter ended up crashing the car and was arrested by the police. Officers found two weapons in the vehicle.

In June 2020, Ezekiel Kelly was arrested on charges of attempted first-degree murder, reckless threat and aggravated assault. Despite a three-year sentence, he was released this year in March after serving just 11 months in detention.

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland declared that if the courts had not released Ezekiel, the recent tragedies would not have happened. “If Mr Kelly served his full three-year sentence, he would still be in prison today and four of our fellow citizens could still be alive,” he said.

The reason for the shooter’s release has not yet been clarified by the authorities.

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