More than 30 inmates starve to death in North Korea prison during ’emergency’ period – News

At least 35 women serving time in prisons in Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, have died from malnutrition since Kim Jong Un’s government banned family visits to deliver food, due to restrictions imposed to contain Covid. -19.

According to information from the website Radio Free Asiasince May, when the country reported cases of “unknown fever”, without admitting that they were cases of the disease caused by the coronavirus, it was declared a ‘maximum national emergency’ status, restricting circulation in various sectors of the population.

Although the local prisons provide food for the inmates, the quantity is not enough, as they have a long working day. According to reports, the health of the inmates depends on the extra food brought by relatives on visits.

The sister of an inmate, who was sentenced to five years in prison, says that families can only visit relatives in prison once every three months. Before the pandemic, it was common for at least three inmates to die a month from malnutrition.

“Prisoners cannot bear the intense work after eating just a single ball of rice a day, which is provided by the prison,” said the relative of the prisoner, whose name was preserved by the Asian vehicle. “It looks like they’re waiting to die,” she adds.

Another person, a relative of an inmate serving time at Chungsan Women’s Prison in South Pyongan Province, reported 15 people died of starvation in the last month he was there.

During the state of emergency in the country, the family of those who died inside the prisons were responsible for transporting the body, so that it could be watched over and buried.

If family members did not arrive in time, the body was wrapped in plastic bags and burned around the prison.

In 2017, a jurist at the International Court of Justice, a Holocaust survivor, concluded that the North Korean prison system was worse than the Nazi concentration camps of World War II.

According to a report, the Kim Jong Un regime committed 10 out of 11 internationally recognized war crimes, including murder, slavery, torture and sexual violence against prisoners.

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