Nokia 2660 Flip: the ‘root folding’ with snake game [Hands-on]

In July 2022, the Nokia 2660 Flip was launched on the international market. The device is a feature phone that folds, has no touchscreen, but a physical keyboard and very modest specs.

During IFA 2022, a technology event taking place in Berlin, I found the cell phone at the Nokia booth and spent a few minutes with it. Check out the model details!

Nokia 2660 Flip Hands-on

The Nokia 2660 Flip has an internal 2.8” (QVGA) and an external 1.77” (QQVGA) display that provides quick date and time information, for example. The shell-shaped model is nostalgic for those who lived in a time when this was the only type of foldable possible.

The device’s camera is a 0.3 MP VGA with LED flash, the processor is a Unisoc T107 with 128 MB of storage and 48 MB of RAM (with microSD card slot), Micro USB input, Bluetooth 4.2, P2 input ( 3.5 mm), FM Radio and MP3.

It weighs 123 grams, has a removable 1,450 mAh battery, has a 4G connection and an emergency button capable of quickly making contact with up to five contacts.

The device is the basic one for making calls and playing games like the snake. If you want to do a detox digital or has someone older in the family who doesn’t like gadgets touch screen and prefer landlines, this can be a good option.

In Europe, the Nokia 2660 Flip is being sold for US$ 59, equivalent to about R$ 308 in the direct conversion.

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