Olivia Wilde slams Don’t Worry Honey Rumors

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the actress and director Olivia Wilde countered the recent rumors circulating about his new film, Do not worry, dear. For her, the stories that have been circulating in the tabloids are nothing more than “virtual bullying”.

No amount of internet bullying can make me question my belief in a film collectively made by so many brilliant people. We’ve worked too hard and been through too much together to be harmed by something that really has nothing to do with film.“, he told the publication.

Between rumors of betrayal, discomfort and creative disagreements, there is a lot of talk about, mainly, the casting of Harry Styleswhich replaced Shia Labeoufafter the star of transformers allegedly been fired — he recently announced that he had asked to leave the project.

On Labeouf’s departure and replacement by Styles, Wilde commented: This issue is much more subtle than can be explained in private messages released out of context. All I will say is that he was replaced and there was no way forward with him. I wish you the best in your recovery.“.

As for the alleged rumors involving conflicts between her and Florence Pugh, the director was succinct: “I hired her to act. She fulfilled all the expectations I had of her. That’s all that matters to me“.

Do not worry, dear is the newest thriller of the career of wilde as director. In addition to Florence Pugh and Styles, the feature still has Chris Pine (Wonder Woman), Gemma Chan (eternal), Douglas Smith (Big Little Lies) and Kiki Layne (The Old Guard).

The script is from carey and Shane Van Dyke (The silence), with contributions from Katie Silberman (mega-romantic). The debut was for September 23th in Brazil.

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