Pedro ‘with the team on his back’ and Cebolinha badly; see Flamengo’s notes

Peter, always Peter. With a goal and assistance from their top scorer, Flamengo beat Vélez Sarsfiled 2-1 at Maracanã and qualified for the third Libertadores final in four years. This time, the rival will be Athletico-PR, which eliminated the current two-time champion Palmeiras. With the header against the Argentine team, the Fla forward reached 12 balls in the net and fired into the competition’s artillery. After a beautiful pen, he also gave the pass to Marinho’s goal.

At Flamengo livetransmitted by UOL Esporte after the Mengão games, journalists Renato Maurício Prado and André Rocha analyzed the red-black performance at Maracanã. They praised yet another decisive performance by Pedro, who is “taking the attack on his back”, and criticized the performance of Everton Cebolinha, Gabigol’s replacement, who did not like it. “In Flamengo’s six goals in the semifinal, Pedro scored four and even gave an assist. Score 10”, evaluated Rocha.

Check Flamengo’s notes


RMP: did not make any miraculous saves, but caught two balls – note 8.

Rocha: he was not to blame for the goal or made any great save, correct performance – note 8.


RMP: erratic today, made good plays in attack, but missed the pass – note 7.

Rocha: is an irregular, erratic player – note 7.

Fabricio Bruno

RMP: note 7.

Rocha: a bit tangled up and clumsy in the first half, he didn’t miss the goal like Pablo, but I found him a little insecure – grade 6.5.


RMP: very bad today, clumsy, and missed the goal – note 5.

Rocha: very insecure, curled up, and missed the goal – grade 4.5.

Filipe Luís

RMP: It wasn’t spectacular, but today it was more on the attack – note 7.

Rocha: he’s smart, but he had trouble marking Orellano, reasonable performance – note 6.

Ayrton Lucas

RMP: note 7.

Rocha: started well, still needs an assist up front, but defended well – note 7.

João Gomes

RMP: steals all the balls, including Marinho’s goal, a monster in midfield – grade 9.5.

Rocha: when he drops to the first steering wheel, the level drops a little, but when Pulgar entered, he grew absurdly in the game – note 9.


RMP: he didn’t play badly, but he was down today, he missed some passes, including the origin of Vélez’s goal – note 6.

Rocha: he felt a little bit of the sequence of games today and it didn’t go well – grade 5.5.

Erick Pulgar

RMP: I still want to see more – note 6.

Rock: note 6.

Everton Ribeiro

RMP: his pass to Pedro’s goal was spectacular, he set up the team well on the right – grade 8.5.

Rocha: missed some shots, but gave the pass for the first goal – note 7.5.


RMP: remains below what he is capable of, but gives a different touch – note 8.

Rocha: Flamengo has to be physically cautious in relation to Arrascaeta, he is down and the issue is physical – note 7.

Everton Chives

RMP: improvised play – note 4.

Rocha: he was sacrificed in a role that is not his, but in the second half he participated in two good plays, he has delivered very little so far, he is being very erratic, he misses a lot more than he hits – note 5.


RMP: scored a beautiful goal, a difficult header, and Marinho’s goal move, rolls and passes, spectacular – note 9.

Rocha: he is decisive and is taking Flamengo’s attack on his back, in six goals in the Libertadores semifinal, Pedro scored four and assisted Marinho – grade 10.

Dorival Junior

RMP: note 8.

Rocha: I agree with his plan, prioritizing the Cups, he was unfortunate in choosing Cebolinha on the right, but in general Flamengo is in the final a lot because of Dorival’s work – note 8.

The next edition of Flamengo live will be on Sunday (11), right after the match against Goiás, for the Brasileirão. You can follow the live on the Channel UOLin the Score app UOLon the Flamengo page on UOL Esporte or on the UOL Esporte channel on YouTube.

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