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Brazil is the most successful team in the recent history of men’s volleyball, with three world titles and three Olympic titles in the last three decades, while Argentina has some good competitions, is the current bronze medalist in the Olympics, but is not among the five teams. more traditional. Despite this difference in results, the Hermanos have achieved some important triumphs against our team in the Olympics. ge has compiled a list of top games. In World Championships are two games, both still in the group stages, and with Brazilian victories: 3×1 in 98 and 3×2 in 94.

Brazil and Argentina play this Thursday at 12 pm for the quarterfinals of the men’s volleyball world championship, with live broadcast from sportv and real time on ge.


Best moments: Brazil 2 x 3 Argentina for the men's volleyball bronze dispute - Tokyo Olympics

Best moments: Brazil 2 x 3 Argentina for the men’s volleyball bronze dispute – Tokyo Olympics

A little over a year ago, Argentina won a surprising bronze medal, beating Brazil 3-2 in the third place dispute at the Tokyo Olympics. The green-yellow team arrived as a favorite for gold, fell in the semifinals to the Russian Committee in a game that had many chances of winning. The Argentines, on the other hand, did not reach the podium, they went through the first round in third and took Italy out of the semifinals.

Brazil men's volleyball eliminates Argentina and is in the semifinals

Brazil men’s volleyball eliminates Argentina and is in the semifinals

In the quarterfinals of the 2016 Olympics, Brazil and Argentina faced each other at different times. Argentina had an almost perfect first phase, having passed first in the group with four wins and one defeat. Brazil, playing with huge pressure at home, had a poor first phase, almost was eliminated, but managed to get fourth place in the group. On the court, a game, with a Brazilian victory by 3 to 1.

National team celebrates victory over Argentina in 2012 – Photo: Reuters

In the quarterfinals of the 2012 Olympics, the Brazilian team did not have many difficulties to defeat Argentina. With good performances by Murilo and Sidão, Brazil won quietly by 3-0 (25/19, 25/17, 25/20) and advanced to the semifinals in London. At the time, the favoritism was total of Brazil, and Argentina was the sniper in the quarterfinals.

In 2000, Brazil was disappointing at the Sydney Olympics;  remember the brazilian campaign

In 2000, Brazil was disappointing at the Sydney Olympics; remember the brazilian campaign

In the quarter-finals of the Sydney Olympics, Argentina defeated Brazil 3-1 and took any chance of a podium from the selection. At the time, Giba, Nalbert and Gustavo were the main names of the team, which still had remnants of the 1992 Olympic gold, such as Maurício, Tande and Giovane. At the time, Dante, only 19 years old, was the great revelation of Brazil, but he was exactly blocked in the last point. It was the last time Brazil was out of a semifinal of a major competition (five Olympics and five World Cups in a row in the top 4).

At the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Argentina won the bronze medal by defeating Brazil in the fight for third place. The game was, as usual, balanced, with 3 to 2 on the scoreboard, partials of 15/10, 15/17, 15/8, 12/15 and 15/9. In that team was Hugo Conte, father of Facundo Conte, one of the highlights of the Argentine team today.

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