Renders give a taste of what the “Apple Watch Pro” will be

Based on renders released yesterday, the designer Ian Zelboin colaboration with Parker Ortolani, shared new images what can we expect from “Apple Watch Pro”. The new larger and more robust version of the watch could be launched at tomorrow’s event, when we should also see the next generation of iPhones.

Speculated for some time, this version of the Apple Watch will possibly have a case of around 49mm, in addition to a larger display, approximately 2 inches. The display will also be flat, in contrast to the rounded display on the Apple Watch Series 7. This would make the watch appear larger compared to other models.

Us renderswe can also see the differences in the design, especially on the right side, where the button on the side and the Digital Crown not only will they be larger, they will also form part of a protruding module. as seen by 9to5Maca user on Twitter noted that this bulge could be a reference to the Nautilus watch, the favorite of Jony Iveformer head of design at Apple.

On the left side, there is a supposed new button, whose function is still unknown; journalist Mark Gurman, from Bloombergbets users will be able to configure it to perform basically any type of function.

Gurman, it’s worth noting, also pointed out that existing bands should work with the “Apple Watch Pro” — although they probably won’t line up as well. A new line of sports bracelets is expected to be launched for the “Pro” model, in this way. In addition, he stated that the product should not have the grip of the general public, due to the larger size, which will not suit everyone’s wrists.

The model, according to rumors, will be focused on people who play sports, offering more features for this purpose. This niche market already has competition from brands such as Garmin and Amazfit, so the price of the new Apple Watch should be thought of as competitive — especially with Garmin’s high-end watches, which are more expensive and widely used by athletes.

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