Swarm of bees shocks family and expert explains scene

An image of a swarm of bees around a light surprised the city of Cape Coral, Florida, in the United States. In the scene, the insects appear clustered around a light on the porch of a family’s house, like a large black mass on the wall.

Despite the scare, bee expert Billy Gunnes of the University of Florida’s Gulf Coast said the bees could not harm residents as they were just passing through.

“What these bees are doing is splitting one of their colonies in two,” he told local broadcaster WBBH-TV, which is affiliated with NBC News, noting that it is common for them to leave some wax as a marker.

According to Gunnes, despite the impressive image, it is rare for insects to enter the house. He even suggested that, probably, the bees would change places.

In May of this year, New York Police Department beekeepers removed a swarm of bees that made a quick stop. on an awning at 3 World Trade Center. At the time, it was estimated that there were about 8,000 insects in the place. They were relocated to an apple orchard.

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