Video: Woman tries to kidnap baby in supermarket cart – News

Two women were arrested in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, after trying to kidnap a baby from a supermarket.

In the images, it is possible to see one of the suspects walking calmly down the market aisle, stopping next to a shopping cart, picking up the child in her arms and walking on.

One of the baby’s parents is holding the stroller with one hand, but has practically his back to the child and doesn’t notice the woman stealing the child.

Moments after the action, the parents, realizing that the child was no longer in the stroller, despair and scream for help.

In addition, the parents acted quickly, and ran to the door of the establishment, and asked the security guard to lock the door of the place.

After that, a woman approached the child’s father, and said that a friend of hers took the baby to make a “joke”.

The two women, who have not been identified, aged 51 and 56, were arrested after police arrived at the scene. In defense, the suspects maintained the version that they were “just kidding”.

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