what is in the ‘radical’ watch for real R$ 10,299?


One of the big news at Apple Event this Wednesday (7) was the new Apple Watch Ultra, a project that has been generating rumors in the technology industry for months. The company’s new smartwatch is specifically aimed at extreme athletes, especially those who practice extreme trails, diving or endurance sports.

In Brazil, the accessory costs R$ 10,299, the highest value among all the brand’s watches. What features justify this hefty price tag?


The Apple Watch Ultra has a titanium case of aerospace quality in an unprecedented size: 49mm, which generated a lot of speculation this week. Consequently, it also brings the greatest retina screen already seen on Apple watches, protected by a sapphire front. It now achieves 2000 nits (the unit that measures brightness level), double that of any other Apple watch.

Apple Watch 8 Ultra - Playback/Apple - Playback/Apple

Titanium Case: The Biggest of All Apple Watch

Image: Playback/Apple

There is yet another exclusive novelty: a “action” button, larger and in orange color, for easy activation in any situation – even if you are wearing gloves. It fulfills different functions depending on the app running in the foreground or it can be customized by the user.

The box still gained space for three microphones, to improve the quality of voice pickup even in windy conditions – aided by a new algorithm that reduces ambient noise.

Apple Watch 8 Ultra - Playback/Apple - Playback/Apple

Wristbands for different types of activities and environments

Image: Playback/Apple

There are also three new wristband types, designed for the specific needs of different activities:

  • Trail (trail), Apple’s thinnest, with soft, flexible fabric and a flap for easy adjustment on the wrist
  • alpine (alpine, for mountaineering and low temperatures), created with two layers of continuous braid, which does not require seams; the high-strength wired bezels fit a G-shaped titanium hook, which makes it easy to fasten the watch to the wrist
  • ocean (ocean, for diving), made with a flexible fluoroelastomer arranged in a tubular geometry. The clasp is made with a titanium buckle. It’s longer, so it fits easily over wetsuits.


The operating system is watchOS 9which gained new performance metrics, especially useful for those who run or hike, such as stride distance, foot-to-ground contact time and vertical oscillation.

The large screen now allows up to six metrics to be shown simultaneously, also organized by new workout views such as segments, splis and elevations.

The new format for multisports (such as triathlon) includes auto-detection that quickly switches between different sports.

Apple Watch 8 Ultra - Playback/Apple - Playback/Apple

Multi-modality sports interface

Image: Playback/Apple

For those who like to go far and explore remote areas (or even compete in marathons with thousands of participants in cities with a high density of skyscrapers), the Ultra received a GPS dual frequency: L1 and L5. With the support of new positioning algorithms, this ensures a much more accurate location than other Apple devices. It also provides more accurate data for distance, stride pace and travel routes.

Path and security features

the app of compass has been reworked to offer more information and three new views.

By turning the digital crown, on the side of the watch, it is possible to activate the Wayfarer display, which shows latitude, longitude, elevation and inclination, in addition to guidelines for reaching the Waypoints (which you record and customize along the way) and Return (which uses GPS data to plot a route back to the original point – especially useful if you get lost).

Apple Watch Ultra 8 Wayfinder - Playback/Apple - Playback/Apple

Wayfinder: find your way back

Image: Playback/Apple

To optimize the screen at night, the interface on the Wayfarer display can change all over to red: just turn the digital crown.

Couldn’t go back? Are you hurt? There is an 86 decibel siren that can run for several hours with two alternate sound patterns: one for emergency and one for the SOS pattern.

Just like the new Apple Watch 8 and iPhone 14 Pro, the Ultra comes with the new car accident detection system. From the data capture by the barometer, gyroscope, accelerometer and other internal tools, the accessory is able to perceive if you have suffered a collision and, in up to 10 seconds, automatically triggers a call to emergency services.

Resistance and performance under pressure

The Apple Watch Ultra is certified at the MIL-STD-810H level, used for military equipment in the US. To earn this credit, tests include low pressure (altitude), high temperature, low temperature, temperature shock, fluid contamination, rain, moisture, water immersion, sand, dust, freezing and thawing, shock and vibration.

The watch is also designed for scuba diving at depths of up to 40 meters. The Depth app has a new interface, which easily shows time, depth, water temperature, time submerged and maximum depth reached. It can be selected instantly with a press of the action button.

Apple Watch 8 Ultra - Huish Oceanic Plus app - Play/Apple - Play/Apple

The new Oceanic+ diving app

Image: Playback/Apple

In addition, a new app, Oceanic+, will be released later in the year, which effectively transforms the Ultra into a high-precision dive computer. It will include dive planning, metrics, visual and haptic alerts, ascent speed, safe dive stop guide, custom profile and dive condition reports at your location.


The watch brings the traditional features for accessories of this type (such as heart rate and blood oxygen measurement apps), but it also brings a novelty included in the Apple Watch 8: a dual temperature sensor with calibration to monitor the menstrual cycle.

Apple Watch Ultra - Playback/Apple - Playback/Apple

Apple Watch Ultra New Features Summary

Image: Playback/Apple

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