WhatsApp change makes it possible to transition between multiple languages

Currently, the Whatsapp uses the language settings of the cell phone itself or Google Keyboard, keyboard used by Android users. In this case, people are unable to quickly change the resource interface language. The change must be made by the device, changing the other gadgets and functionalities present.

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personalized experience

The novelty of WhatsApp is linked to the change of the language used to show any text present in the app. From conversations to available functions, such as ”Settings”, which in ”English” mode, would be ”Setting”. The Meta team made considerable progress in its research, seeking to launch it as quickly as possible, given the need to internationalize the service.

Differentiation for different audiences

The improvement ensures that immigrants, language learners and companies can easily adapt to the roles. Tests are being carried out on the beta version of the Android system, so an audience was selected to initially receive the function. However, soon the devices iOS will have the opportunity to experience the technology.

How to change WhatsApp language

When your cell phone has the Whatsapp updated to receive the functionality, you can configure it so that the language is selected independently.

1st Step: access the app’s ”Settings”, located in the three dots in the upper right corner.

2nd Step: Click on the ”Application Language” option.

3rd Step: choose the language you want to leave on WhatsApp, making the information easier to read.

Despite being tested, it is likely that after officialization, the devices will quickly present this development. Considered a priority, the idea accompanies other important updates, aimed at connectivity. In this way, WhatsApp is increasingly customizable, assigning certain mechanisms that facilitate the entry of different audiences, willing to use the application as their main means of communication.

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