WhatsApp feature to disable “online” is about to be released

Some users were uncomfortable with people knowing when they were active on the network. That’s because many used this factor to charge a quick answer on a certain subject. Despite the discussion trying to make everyone aware that no one is obliged to respond promptly to contacts, it seems that notification still causes problems.

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privacy issue

There are other cases involving this idea that you need to text as soon as possible. For example, if someone who represents an authority, such as a teacher or company manager, sends something imagining that you are available, it is an embarrassment to ignore. However, sometimes it gets complicated to manage all the chats.

more discreet whatsapp

A few months ago the official WABetaInfo portal reported that the developers were working on an improvement. The update sought to hide the “Online” status, prioritizing the tranquility of those who spend hours active, but cannot observe all requests. The change will work according to the change of “Last seen”, which can also be turned off.

Become invisible to your contacts

In the ”Settings”, you will have the possibility to change the visibility of the records that are next to your name. No one or only a few people will be able to identify whether your account is open or not. As a result, charges like ”why didn’t you answer me if you were online?” will no longer make sense, resulting in more privacy.

All tests have been completed and the forecast for the feature to be available to most users is until the end of this month. Both iOS system devices and android, will receive the functionality. So don’t forget to keep WhatsApp updated in the app store, making it possible to deactivate this element that bothers you so much.

Also remember that it is up to you to modify the platform interface according to your needs.

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