After hacker invasion, Rio City Hall will have to change up to 20 thousand computers

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THE City Hall of Rio will be forced to replace nearly 20,000 computers to ensure that new cyberattacks do not happen. The change will be necessary to update the software, and ensure the normalization of services. The technological gap occurs because the City Hall’s computers still run with the operating system Windows 7which came online in 2009 and was no longer updated by Microsoft since January 2020, including resources that could help prevent the invasion.

The City says that the total cost of the replacement has not yet been closed. But last week, a first batch arrived with 1.2 thousand computers purchased for approx. BRL 8 million, in a contract that had already been tendered by the Price Registration System. For this type of purchase, the government requires that suppliers interested in participating in the bidding process must agree to record in the system the price offered for a certain period (generally one year).

Using this value as a parameter, the municipality may have to disburse around R$ 133 million.

The Municipal Secretary of Government and Public Integrity, Tony Ferreira de Carvalho Issaac Chalita, informed, to O Globowhich at the beginning of the government, there was already a plan to update the software, but this incident will accelerate the renewal.

“At first, we will change from 5,000 to 6,000 computers, prioritizing essential systems, such as those that serve the financial, collection, administrative, payment of social benefits and licensing sectors”, explains the secretary and also said that the total number of items to be purchased will depend on an evaluation of the existing models. “It may be that some of them still have the operational capacity to run more up-to-date programs”, concludes to O Globo.

According to information obtained exclusively by the Dailysome agencies and municipalities in the Municipality that exchanged their computer parks in early 2021 were not affected by the incident.

The hacker attack took place on August 15th and, so far, the municipality has not yet identified where the invasion came from, nor does it have evidence that sensitive data, such as taxpayer information, have been copied. The case is investigated by the police.

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