“Agenda Verde” program has a lecture at a school and travels through the Vila Real region

It is necessary for the population to be an ally of Hortolândia City Hall to maintain cleanliness in public roads and areas. The participation of residents is important for the municipality to become increasingly sustainable and with quality of life for all.

To strengthen environmental awareness and the population’s sense of responsibility in the task of taking care of the city, the City Hall continues with the “Green Agenda” program. One of the program’s actions is the holding of lectures in public and private schools.

This Friday (09/09), the Environmental Education Center of the Secretariat for the Environment and Sustainable Development promotes a playful lecture for children from EMEF (Municipal School of Elementary Education) José Roque de Moura, in Jardim Boa Esperança. Activities will be held at 10 am and 2 pm.

In the lectures, the center guides students on the importance of correctly disposing of waste at the 12 PEVs (Voluntary Delivery Points for rubble and other recyclable materials) made available in various regions of the city by the City Hall. The recyclable materials collected by the City Hall in the PEVs and through the door-to-door selective collection service are destined for the Cooperativa Águia de Ouro, a partner of the City Hall. The value obtained by the cooperative from the collection, sorting and sale of recyclables generates income for the approximately 20 low-income people who work in the cooperative. Other topics covered are the rational use of water and electricity, fires, responsible animal care, among others.

“It is important to inspire in children and young people the feeling of belonging and responsibility in taking care of the city where they live. Therefore, the City Hall has reinforced the action of environmental education lectures for students from public and private schools in the municipality. Through the lecture, students become multipliers of knowledge, passing on the content they learned to their families, relatives, friends and neighbors”, emphasizes the coordinator.

Municipal, state and private schools, neighborhood associations, charities, churches and companies that are interested in receiving a lecture on environmental education from the City Hall, can contact the Secretariat for the Environment and Sustainable Development to schedule the activity by email [email protected]

house to house action

In parallel with the Environmental education lectures, Hortolândia City Hall continues to travel through different regions of the city with the Agenda Verde program. This week, the Department of Environment and Sustainable Development travels from house to house through the Vila Real region.

The agents of Environmental Inspection and the Environmental Education Center talk and inform the residents about the resumption of the program. The teams also provide guidance on how to properly dispose of waste at City Hall’s PEVs and distribute explanatory material on other environmental topics, such as burning and correct sewage connection.

In the action, the agents have also reinforced for the population the importance of maintaining care to prevent the proliferation of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits diseases such as Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya.


The resumption of the program has a communication tool available to residents. It is the Green Agenda app. Through the tool, people can report irregular waste disposal in the city. The Application can be downloaded from the Google Play or App Store platforms on the person’s cell phone. The identity of the whistleblower is kept confidential.

Green Agenda

The “Green Agenda” program was established in 2017, under the late mayor Angelo Perugini. In this first phase, the program carried out actions to face environmental demands, with an emphasis on the correct disposal of waste, cleaning and city care.

environmental crime

The irregular disposal of waste on roads and public areas is an environmental crime, subject to a fine. The amount of the fine varies from 25 to 10,000 UFMHs (Municipal Tax Unit of Hortolândia, which this year is R$ 4.0941), according to municipal law No. 873, of 2001 (Code of Postures). The value of the fine for irregular disposal on private land also varies from 25 to 10,000 UFMHs.


With the resumption of the “Agenda Verde” program and other environmental actions implemented by the City Hall, Hortolândia rose 80 positions within the ranking of the state program “Municipio VerdeAzul”, having been in the 43rd position, with 85.15 points. In recognition of the environmental policies carried out in the municipality, the City Hall was awarded by the state program in August of this year.

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