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Want a cultural leisure tip to enjoy with your family? Hortolândia receives the itinerant project “CineSolar”, which holds free movie sessions with popcorn. The sessions take place at 18:00, this Thursday (09/08), at Praça A Poderosa, in Jardim Rosolem, and this Friday (09/09), at the Novo Ângulo Socio-Environmental Park. In both sessions, the animated film “Rio 2” and short films will be shown. (see schedule below). The project is made possible by the Federal Law of Incentive to Culture, with sponsorship from the IBM company and support from the Hortolândia City Hall. The project is carried out by the Ministry of Tourism and the agency Brazucah Produções. This is the second time that the project comes to Hortolândia.

The film is the sequel to “Rio”, released in 2011. “Rio 2” is again starring the friendly couple Blu and Jade, two hyacinth macaws who live with their young in Rio de Janeiro. Blu and Jade’s human tutors head to the Amazon, where they find other birds of the same species as the macaw couple. In the middle of the Amazon jungle, Blu and Jade will live new adventures and face once again their enemy, the cockatoo Nigel. The cast of actors who interpret the voices of the characters includes Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberg and singers Bruno Mars and (from the Black Eyed Peas group), among others. “Rio 2” is directed by Brazilian Carlos Saldanha, who has already directed other animations such as “A Era do Gelo 2”, “A Era do Gelo 3” and “Robôs”.

Solar energy

“CineSolar”, created in 2013, is a solar-powered project that travels across the country to promote cinema sessions with the aim of democratizing access to audiovisual productions, mainly national. As it is powered by solar energy, the project also promotes environmental education, social inclusion, culture of peace and sustainable practices to spread the technology of photovoltaic energy generation to the population.

The project has two vans, whose names are Tupã and Mahura. They have sound equipment and cinema projection, 110 chairs and stools for the public to watch the sessions. They are also fitted with photovoltaic panels and an energy conversion and storage system, with 20 hours of autonomy.

Each van works as a andmobile science, art, technology and sustainability station with attractions for the whole family. The space of each van becomes a classroom, where the public is invited to understand, in a fun way, how sunlight is transformed into electricity, through infographics and lighting. The vehicles also have special decoration made with recycled materials. Another attraction are objects with principles of magnetism and electricity, such as laser and plasma ball, which enchant people.

Programming of the “CineSolar” project in Hortolândia:

Date: 08/09 (Thursday)

Time: 6:00 pm (short film screening), 7:00 pm (screening of the film “Rio 2”)

Place: A Poderosa Square

Address: Rua Aníbal Justino Pereira, Jardim Santa Izabel

* In case of rain: The sessions will be held at the Municipal Music Education Center of Hortolândia Maestro Ronaldo Dias de Almeida, located at Rua Vicente Palhão, s/nº, Jardim Santa Cândida

Date: 09/09 (Friday)

Time: 6:00 pm (short film screening), 7:00 pm (screening of the film “Rio 2”)

Place: New Angle Social and Environmental Park

Address: Rua Edezio Vieira de Moraes, no number, Jardim Novo Ângulo

* In case of rain: The sessions will be held at EMEI (Municipal School of Early Childhood Education) Professor Izabel Sostena de Souza (former Kindergarten Daycare), located at Avenida Sabina Baptista de Camargo, s/nº, Jardim Novo Ângulo

Short Film Synopses:

“Pety’s Adventures”

(directed: Anahi Borges, São Paulo; duration: 14 minutes; animation/2019; free indicative classification)

The film begins when, in the sky of Tutameia, a beautiful and majestic rainbow appears. In search of the golden chest, Pety and his friends set out towards the city’s woods, where they experience adventures with fantastic beings from Brazilian folklore and discover that the real treasure may be much closer than they think.

“The giant”

(directed by: Júlio Vanzeler and Luis da Matta Almeida, Portugal; duration: 10 minutes; animation; free indicative classification)

Synopsis: “Of all the stories my father told me, the one I never forgot was the one about the king who always carried a princess inside his heart…”


(directed: Guilherme Gehr, Brazil; duration: 10 minutes; animation; free indicative rating)

When cutting down a large tree deep in the forest, a logger sees an unexpected reaction from nature. A reflection on the irreversible consequences of deforestation and the lamentable subjugation of humans to other beings on Earth.

“Where Do Dragons Come From?”

(directed by Grace Luzzi, São Paulo; duration: 10 minutes; animation/2020; free indicative classification)

A mother’s love is tested by the strength, physical and emotional demands of a newborn child. When a dragon awakens, a backup plan is needed.

“The Secrets of Rio Grande”

(direction: Analúcia Godoi, Espírito Santo; duration: 5 minutes; animation/2017; free indicative classification)

With its crystalline waters, Rio Grande brings us secrets, beauties and also benefits. It is necessary to keep it clean, without garbage, take care of the springs and preserve the riparian forests so that all this wealth is maintained for many more years.

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