Black Widow is pure power and seduction in cosplay made by the muse of Only Fans

Muse of Only Fans, Emma created an epic Black Widow cosplay. When composing the look of the character, Emma gave a seductive and very charming touch for the final result to be impeccable. Read on to learn more about the character and enjoy this wonderful cosplay.

Black Widow

Understand the life of Natasha Romanoff

As a child, Natasha (Scarlett Johansson) was raised under severe training to become an assassin. She is not gifted with any superpowers, but she has unbelievable abilities.

When Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) targeted Nat, his life changed completely. Initially, he was supposed to kill her, but decided to leave her alive. This was the decisive factor for them to become great friends.

After working for SHIELD, Black Widow changed her name from Natalia to Natasha. She became one of the best agents in the organization and continued to face ongoing PTSD from her past.

Natalia changed her name and appearance to work as a secret agent. For a particular mission while working as a secret agent, she posed as a secretary and worked in the legal department of Stark Industries.

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How Scarlett Johansson Reacted When She Learned That Black Widow Would Die

As we know, Black Widow sacrificed herself for the greater good in Avengers: Endgame. She and Clint went to Vormir to get the soul gem, but upon hearing “A soul for a soul”, Natasha knew exactly what she wanted to do.

Clint offered to sacrifice himself in her friend’s place, but she was emphatic and used her skills to get ahead of her great friend.

In an interview with BBC Radio 1, Scarlett Johansson told how she received the news of the death of Black Widow, her character in “Avengers: Endgame”.

“I wasn’t surprised that this was Natasha’s choice. I knew she needed to feel peace with this decision, and that she was doing it out of love.” explained Scarlett.

Scarlett commented that she learned the news over the phone:

“Kevin Feige, our boss at Marvel, called me out of the blue and was really nervous. I think he was sad about it, and ended up saying something like, ‘We all hoped there would be big sacrifices.

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Check out the seductive Black Widow cosplay

Emma has more than 74 thousand followers on her instagram, where she shares photos of her most daring cosplays. The Only Fans muse is responsible for creating several charming cosplays and always with a special touch of charm and sensuality.

Having already created several exuberant cosplays, Emma decided to bring Black Widow to life in one of the most interesting cosplays you will ever see!

Check out the flawless result of Emma’s work below:

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