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Turkey overtook Brazil in the ranking of countries with the most expensive iPhone in the world. The first place in the position was occupied by Brazil during several Apple launches, such as the iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone SE 2022. The economic crisis accentuated by the pandemic is one of the reasons that explain the high price of the American giant’s products in the Eurasian country. In 2022 alone, the nation has already accumulated an inflation of 80%. With that, the iPhone 14 was announced in Turkey with the highest value in the world – in all available variants.

The survey was carried out through the portal nukeni, that annually carries out the research with the price of each iPhone model in several countries. The database used is the pricing established by Apple in the company’s official stores in each nation, already considering local taxes. The table was published by the specialized website 9to5 Mac.

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Here are seven facts about the iPhone 14

Here are seven facts about the iPhone 14

What did the survey conclude?

Research has shown that Turkey has the most expensive iPhone 14 in the world in all available variants: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. There, the simplest version of the iPhone 14 (with 128 GB of storage) costs US$ 1,458, equivalent to R$ 8,856. For comparison, the same product is available at Apple’s Brazilian store for R$ 7,599, so Brazil has the 2nd highest price of all.

The United States follows with the cheapest iPhone 14 (128 GB) in the world. The country ruled by Joe Biden sells the product for US$ 829, which gives R$ 4,274 in direct conversion. Then comes Japan, with a price very similar to the US: U$ 831.29 (R$ 4,320).

The most expensive Apple cell phones of 2022, the iPhone 14 Pro Max with 1 TB is sold in Turkey for the equivalent of R$16,339 against R$15,499 in Brazil and R$8,330 in the US.

High inflation in Turkey drives up the price of Apple products — Photo: Thássius Veloso/TechTudo

Why is the iPhone more expensive in Turkey?

Inflation in Turkey has reached 80% this year. Prices there rose after the central bank gradually cut the basic interest rate. As a result, the local currency, the lira, began to devalue. The serious economic crisis was also accentuated by the pandemic, which shrank the purchasing power of the population in several places in the world.

Last year, Apple had to stop selling products in the Eurasian country. The action took place after the loss of more than 15% of the value of products against the dollar in a space of hours. The iPhone was not the only product that became more expensive in Turkey. All devices and services marketed by the company had inflated prices.

Check the cheapest iPhone 14 price in the analyzed countries

Countries with the most expensive iPhone 14 (128 GB) in the world

Position countries Price
1st Turkey BRL 8,855.42
2nd Brazil BRL 7,599.00
3rd Hungary BRL 5,905.22
4th Sweden BRL 5,833.08
5th Denmark BRL 5,812.72
6th Poland BRL 5,751.69
7th Norway BRL 5,699.40
8th Czech BRL 5,628.30
9th Mexico BRL 5,479.35
10th Finland BRL 5,411.70
11th Portugal BRL 5,411.70
12th Ireland BRL 5,359.61
13th Italy BRL 5,359.61
14th Netherlands BRL 5,307.53
15th France BRL 5,307.53
16th Belgium BRL 5,307.53
17th Spain BRL 5,255.44
18th India BRL 5,221.31
19th Germany BRL 5,203.36
20th Austria BRL 5,203.36
21st Philippines BRL 5,198.29
22nd Luxembourg BRL 5,132.10
23rd UK BRL 5,086.39
24th New Zealand BRL 5,041.59
25th Canada BRL 5,028.55
26th Switzerland BRL 4,987.47
27th Australia BRL 4,917.15
28th Malaysia BRL 4,865.39
29th United Arab Emirates BRL 4,821.41
30th Singapore BRL 4,816.50
31st United States BRL 4,815.88
32nd South Korea BRL 4,702.50
33rd Taiwan BRL 4,701.29
34th thailand BRL 4,698.78
35th Canada BRL 4,591.29
36th Hong Kong BRL 4,579.29
37th China BRL 4,492.27
38th Japan BRL 4,331.13
39th United States BRL 4,319.18

with information from 9to5Mac, nukeni and G1

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