“Captain Marvel has changed me a lot more than I ever thought,” reveals Brie Larson

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Having made his big debut in the world of marvel studios in 2019 with the first film of captain marvelin an interview, Brie Larson opens up about fears and how he overcame problems after casting the role.

Apparently, it wasn’t all roses for the Oscar winner, especially when she was chosen to play Carol Danvers in the MCU. That’s because the star explains that she was afraid of the representatives of the disney there are found it incapable of maneuvers of action, for its problem with asthma and constant routine without sports before playing the heroine.

In program chat Jimmy KimmelLivethe actress Brie Larson told that, in fact, his respiratory problem, it was about some allergies, and the process of preparing for captain marvel helped her to resolve her health condition, in addition to being proud of her overcoming process.

“I thought I should do my own stunts myself. […] So I started training and learned that I was actually much stronger than I thought, and that my allergies were what was causing my asthma. So I just took allergy medicine. And I could lift heavy weights and that really transformed my life. And that role has changed me as a person far more than I could ever have imagined.”

Check out the interview given by the star in the new episode of the American program:

What is Captain Marvel’s future in the MCU?

After starring in his own film and having participated in the last film released by the AvengersLarson will return as captain marvel in the marvelssequel to the heroine that will hit theaters in 2023, in addition to the star having made a small participation in the recently released series of the universe, Ms. Marvel.

the marvels is still scheduled to be released in theaters in July 27, 2023.

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