Cara Delevingne is caught ‘out of her mind’; family plans intervention

fans and family of Dear Delevingne are concerned about the health of the actress. That’s because this month she was caught twice appearing to be under the influence of hallucinogens. The most recent episode was last Wednesday (7), when she was seen barefoot at an airport while talking uncontrollably on the phone.


As reported by the Daily Mail, first Dear Delevingne was seen on her way to the airport with her feet dangling from a car window. She would be two hours late for a flight on her private plane. Jay-Z. About 45 minutes later, he reportedly left the aircraft.

Back on the runway, the actress appeared wearing a T-shirt from the Britney Spears, black pants and yellow socks without shoes. Videos of the moment are circulating and show Dear Delevingne extremely agitated, as if she couldn’t control the movements of her body. She bent over, dropped the phone on the floor and looked very nervous.

The images left fans perplexed and worried, especially since the week before she was spotted smoking some sort of pipe while sitting alone in a car.

A close friend of the actress spoke to another newspaper, The Sun, and revealed that the family of Dear Delevingne is planning an intervention.

“We are all incredibly concerned. The situation has been escalating for a few weeks now and Cara’s family is involved.”a close friend told The Sun newspaper this week. “There is talk of doing some sort of intervention and making sure Cara gets the help she might need. She’s been ‘burning the candle’ on both sides lately, and that’s clearly taking its toll on her”lamented.

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