Check out 5 movies and series that portray the life of Queen Elizabeth II

THE queen elizabeth II bid farewell to his reign at the age of 96. But months before her farewell, the monarch celebrated, in June this year, the 70th anniversary of her reign.

With this milestone, Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning monarch in the history of the United Kingdom and one of the longest reigns in world history, second only to King Louis XIV of France, who held the throne for a long 72 years.

In life, Queen Elizabeth II, like the entire royal family, attracted the attention and aroused the curiosity of her subjects. But not only. The whole world stopped to see, hear and watch everything that revolved around the monarch and British royalty.

No wonder that several film productions, miniseries, documentaries and series were produced throughout the reign of Queen Elizabeth II to tell the story of the monarch.

Next, get to know 5 movies and series that portray the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

1. The Queen

The film takes place in 1997, year of Princess Diana’s death. The death of “Lady Di” moved the whole world, especially the British. Queen Elizabeth II (Helen Mireen), unable to understand such a commotion, closes herself in the Balmoral Palace.

Tony Blair (Michael Sheen), the newly appointed British prime minister, has the difficult task of bringing the monarch back to her subjects.

The film won actress Helen Mireen the Oscar for best actress in 2007 for her portrayal of the monarch.

2. The Crown

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One of Netflix’s most successful series, The Crown, depicts the history of the royal family at different stages of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Including scandals, sensitive moments and milestones in British and global history.

The production is in its 4th season. The 5th season has already been recorded and should premiere in November this year.

3. Spencer

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Released last year, “Spencer” is set in 1991. The film will retrace the last Christmas that Princess Diana (Kristen Stewart) spent at the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, UK, months before separating from Prince Charles.

4. Elizabeth: the Queen behind the Crown

The documentary series brings together home videos and rare archival photos of the Queen, taken either by herself or by members of the royal family.

5. The King’s Speech

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The film shows how the King George 6th (Colin Firth), father of Queen Elizabeth II, came to the throne after his brother Henry VIII abdicated the throne. And how the monarch overcame his stutter to address his subjects like a king.

Colin Firth won the Oscar for best actor after playing King George IV. It is noteworthy that Elizabeth only became queen with the abdication of her uncle, Henry VIII, to the throne.

As said, this made his father, George 6th, king. With the monarch’s death, Elizabeth took her place on the throne.

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