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IFA 2022 came to an end this Tuesday (6), having been the scene of many innovative products. Some of them, such as Asus’ Zenbook 17 Fold folding-screen notebook, have launched expected technological leaps. Others, however, were considered unusual, either due to the presence of unprecedented resources, the different design or even the traditional character in the middle of the largest technology fair in Europe. LG emerged as one of the major brands that drew the most attention in this regard, offering niche products with very specific appeals.

Below, the TechTudo gathered six curious gadgets presented in the 2022 edition of the IFA. Check it out below.

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LG refrigerator GIF — Photo: Disclosure/LG

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IFA 2022: curious gadgets presented at the electronics fair

1. Smart box for sneakers

Putting away your sneakers doesn’t seem like a tech-intensive task, but LG disagrees. During the IFA, the manufacturer presented the Styler ShoeCase, a smart cabinet that protects shoes from moisture and UV light. The gadget also has a glass door and has a disc that rotates 360º inside, functioning as a showcase to display luxury and limited-edition sneakers.

The ShoeCase is modular in design, so it can stack up to four cases, meaning buyers can expand their closet as they grow their shoe collection. Smart box owners can control it via the ThinQ app, available for Android and iPhone (iOS). LG did not reveal the price during the technology fair, but given that the product is aimed at the luxury market, the cost will certainly follow the willingness to spend of its audience.

LG Styler ShoeCase, smart closet to store and display luxury sneakers — Photo: Disclosure/LG

LG apparently took advantage of IFA 2022 to showcase “different” products. Another announcement by the South Korean manufacturer was the Aero Furniture, a device that brings together somewhat similar functions: it is an air purifier, lamp and wireless charger for cell phones, tablets and headphones. In addition to supporting objects, the round bedside table design enhances the three features described above.

The 360º format helps to spread light better, facilitates connectivity with nearby gadgets and increases the range of the purifier, which eliminates up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria around Aero Furniture, according to the manufacturer. LG also assured that the table has support for fast charging for devices such as iPhone and Galaxy, although it did not inform its power, as well as price and availability of the product. Like all smart home items from the brand, the device is controlled via the ThinQ app.

LG Aero Furniture, table that works as an air purifier, phone charger and lamp — Photo: Disclosure/LG

3. Robot vacuum cleaner that cleans itself

The DreameBot L10s Ultra robot vacuum makes cleaning the house even easier. In addition to removing dust and other debris from the floor, it can empty its own trash can and clean itself, being able to function without any human interaction for 60 days straight. Tasks are performed thanks to the presence of 24 3D sensors and artificial intelligence, which allow the DreameBot to adapt to any environment. The vacuum also has a mop for heavy cleaning and can detect rugs, carpets, objects and irregularities in the way.

The cleaning routine can be set up through its own app or by voice command, using virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. The device is developed by Dreame, a manufacturer that belongs to the Xiaomi ecosystem, and will initially be launched only in the Asian market. The suggested price is US$ 1,205 (about R$ 6,280).

DreameBot L10s Ultra, vacuum robot that works without human interaction for 60 days — Photo: Disclosure / Dream

4. Retro coffee machine

Espresso machines aren’t exactly common at the IFA, but the 2022 edition featured one. Boasting a retro design, the Swan Retro Pump is a versatile machine that has 15 pressure levels, allowing you to make different types of coffee, such as cappuccino and latte. The model also has adjustments to control the size of the cup and should even allow making drinks without coffee, such as hot chocolate.

Unlike most of the gadgets on display in Berlin, Retro Pump does not bring Wi-Fi connectivity, management via an app or any technological innovation of the kind – which is why it ended up attracting attention at the fair. It is “just” a good coffee machine made by Swan, a traditional English manufacturer, and it is on sale in the European market for a good price: £109 (approximately R$ 652, at the current rate of the pound sterling).

Swan Retro Pump, espresso machine on display at IFA 2022 — Photo: Handout/Swan

5. Accessory for iPhone Creators

Startup Swiss Rig showed off the Bresson MK 093: accessory described by the manufacturer as a “Swiss army knife for content creators”. This is because, when coupled to the iPhone, the device greatly increases the audio and video power of the cell phone. The compact body includes a 60mm condenser microphone, proclaimed as the “world’s shortest full-range condenser microphone” and delivering +40dB analog gain. The audio system also includes a professional cable and studio headphones.

The grip provides a perfect fit in the hand and, according to the brand, offers perfect fixation thanks to the “strongest magnetic support in the world”. The device also has a five-axis finger control to precisely manage the nine-speed zoom lens. As if that weren’t enough, the little Bresson MK 093 brings a power system to charge other devices. Swiss Rig has a waiting list on its website, but does not provide price or product availability.

Bresson MK 093, accessory that adds professional audio and video systems to the iPhone — Photo: Disclosure/Swiss Rig

6. LG Music Smart Fridge

Closing the list, we have LG again, which presented an unusual smart fridge. MoodUP has seven LED panels that change color depending on the mood of the owner of the house or the music that is playing. And the sound comes from herself; The appliance is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, which can be connected to the smartphone and play playlists from streaming services such as Spotify. It is also possible to assemble a playlist using the LG ThinQ app. The app comes with several predefined color schemes, but the user can also choose between 22 colors for the top and 19 for the bottom.

Another interesting feature is the sensors that identify when someone has left a door open, flashing as an alert. They can also automatically light a door to give visibility to the fridge during an evening snack, without the user having to turn on the kitchen light. As with other LG items, the MoodUP price was not reported.

MoodUP, LG’s smart fridge that plays music and lights up according to the rhythm — Photo: Disclosure/LG

With information from LG (1, two), TechRadar, Swiss Rig, The Verge

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