Discover the salaries of the most popular professions in Brazil

A recent survey carried out by the social network LinkedIn showed that about 61% of young professionals (between 18 and 24 years old) would like to change jobs. When considering changing careers (or even entering an area), it’s worth having a sense of which professions are currently on the rise.

Even in times of crisis, like the ones we are experiencing, there is always some professions that will have more market demand. If you are looking for a job that has certain job guarantees, in this text, we tell you what are the salaries of careers that are on the rise even at the current moment.

1. Tech Recruiter

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One tech recruiter is a professional responsible for recruiting workers within the technology area. It must, therefore, assess the technical skills of programmers and developers, in addition to pursuing the best human acquisitions for companies. Unlike an HR professional, O tech recruiter focuses on the specific needs and competencies of the technology field, always keeping up to date with the market.

The average salary of this profession in Brazil is R$ 4 thousand, taking a base of R$ 48 thousand per year, which can reach R$ 78 thousand in the case of more experienced professionals.

2. Biotechnology

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A growing health area is Biotechnology, which involves the creation and development of more sustainable and/or profitable solutions in various areas: in the conservation of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products; in the strengthening of plants and animals; in waste treatment, etc.

In Brazil, a biotechnologist at the beginning of his career receives around R$ 3,300, totaling an annual base of R$ 39,600. A bioprocess engineer, in large companies, can earn up to R$ 7 thousand (around R$ 84 thousand per year).

3. Logistics

(Source: IC Portal)(Source: IC Portal)Source: IC Portal

With the number of open companies (and, many of them, with online), the logistics sector rose in the job market. This is a professional who deals with the coordination and movement of resources (materials, stock, equipment, transport, etc.) in all its stages. As it also works with cost containment in processes, it is even more desirable in times of crisis.

The different logistics positions include different salaries: a technician can receive BRL 2,600 and a logistics director earns up to BRL 13,000 per month (that is, BRL 156,000 per year).

3. UX designer

(Source: Solute)(Source: Solute)Source: Solute

UX means user experience, or user experience. The professional who works as a UX designer develops projects and actions within a company focusing on optimization and user satisfaction when using a service.

In Brazil, the average monthly remuneration is R$ 4 thousand, totaling R$ 48,000 per year. In higher positions, earnings can reach R$ 84,000 per year.

4. Data Engineer

(Source: In Practice)(Source: In Practice)Source: In Practice

Nowadays, technologies bring the great challenge to companies of having to productively deal with an immense amount of available data. a data engineer develops ways to deal with this volume of information: it manages, optimizes, supervises, monitors and organizes ways of storing and distributing data.

The monthly salary of a data engineer in Brazil is, on average, R$6,700, totaling R$81,000 per year. In the case of more experienced professionals, earnings can reach R$ 111 thousand per year.

5. Engineer machine learning

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Another profession on the rise in a world full of technology is the engineer specializing in machine learning. He is a professional whose expertise lies between Computer Science and Data Engineering, and that develops models for computers to work with artificial intelligence.

an engineer from machine learning has an average salary of BRL 7,750, reaching BRL 93,000 per year.

6. Traffic Manager

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The traffic manager has a connected role with digital marketing: it analyzes audience metrics within a client’s digital strategy. In addition, it makes decisions about buying ads on paid channels such as Google and Social Ads.

At the beginning of their career, a traffic manager earns an average of R$2,500 per month, reaching around R$30,000 per year.

7. Cybersecurity Specialist

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The ubiquity of digital networks means that companies need to worry all the time about security and the protection of their data, to avoid attacks. hackers. The cybersecurity specialist is in great demand in this scenario, because it is able to think of security solutions in digital environments.

This professional earns, on average, BRL 5,700 per month – that is, around BRL 68,000 per year.

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