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The 2022 Formula 2 championship is nearing its end. Not only does Italy represent the penultimate stage of the year, but Felipe Drugovich’s advantage is such that the chances of finishing the title this weekend are representative. In the definition of the starting grid, held on the afternoon of this Friday (9), Drugovich did not score points, but was ten positions better than his only rival, Théo Pourchaire. Pole position, however, goes to Jack Doohan.

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The pole fight heated up towards the end, but ended in an anticlimax. The reason? Ayumu Iwasa, who was on a competitive lap to seek pole, made a mistake in the final part of the lap with the timer almost zero, escaped the track, spun and crashed the rear of the car into the protective barrier of the Parabolica curve. A fire started at the moment of impact, but luckily it cooled down. But it was yellow flag and end of classification.

Thus, whoever was coming in fast laps missed any chance to improve the time. The worst loser in all of this? Pourchaire. The Frenchman was trying to get out of the hole he got in with the 14th place. Now, it goes to Saturday, which can already define the rival’s title, seeing Drugovich leave in a privileged position.

Alongside Doohan on the front row of Sunday’s main race is Liam Lawson. Marcus Armstrong will be third, with Felipe Drugovich fourth. The top-10 also includes Richard Verschoor, Jehan Daruvala, Iwasa, Jüri Vips, Logan Sargeant and Frederik Vesti.

As the top ten places on the grid are reversed for Saturday’s sprint race, so Vesti is on pole and Doohan is 10th. Anyway, Drugovich is seventh, while Pourchaire comes out in 14th. Enzo Fittipaldi will be 16th in both starts.

O BIG PRIZE accompanies LIVE and IN REAL TIME all activities of the Formula 1 Italian GP. In F2, Saturday’s sprint race is scheduled for 1 pm (GMT-3). The main race, on Sunday, is at 5:05.

Formula 2 classification at Monza (Photo: Reproduction/Formula 2)

Check out how the ranking went:

Night began to fall in Monza at the appointed time for the definition of the starting grid for the Formula 2 races in Italy. Despite 6:30 pm local time [13h30 de Brasília, GMT-3], the European summer surrenders. At night, in fact, with the sun going out and darkness gaining ground, it takes a long time to appear. Thus, the sun still reigned between a few thin clouds in the sky over Monza. The temperature was at 26°C, with 35°C on the asphalt.

The first round of fast laps started as soon as the cars received the green flag. A spin to warm up and the work has already caught fire. Liam Lawson got the better of the first attempt overall. With 1min32s959, the Red Bull affiliated driver, who defends Hitech, took the lead.

Behind him? Enzo Fittpaldi. The pilot who, according to the BIG PRIZE, received polls of Alpine, Williams and Fernando Alonso for 2023, took second place and was joined by championship leader Felipe Drugovich in third.

The 22 riders on the track at the same time caused certain headaches. Jack Doohan, who appeared in recent days as a real candidate for Alpine’s spot in F1, had to purposely leave the track and complained that, due to traffic, he was not able to make a fast lap.

It was time for the second try, though. In this one, Jüri Vips, leader of the free practice held in the morning, recorded an impressive 1min32s018 to put 0s4 ahead of Logan Sargeant, who painted in second. Theo Pourchaire rose to third place.

Lawson remained fourth, while Amaury Cordeel, Doohan, David Beckmann, Jehan Daruvala, Richard Verschoor and Drugovich closed out the top-10. Fittipaldi had dropped to 16th place without being able to improve on the second lap. Ahead, 18 minutes of session.

Before the guys got into the pit lane for tire changes, there were those who risked a quick third lap with worn rubber. It worked for Doohan, who clocked 1min31s965 and took the lead. Drugovich used the track limits a lot and moved up to fourth place.

With eight minutes to go, cars were back on track for decision time. Ayumu Iwasa came to the top of the timesheet, but had his lap canceled and returned to sixth place. Doohan took the lead, but Lawson painted in second and Marcus Armstrong in third.

The last lap was missing: it was time to decide. As the quest for times grew, Iwasa entered the fray for pole with the best first sector of the standings. However, when he arrived at Parabolica, he missed, went off the track and came to a stop with his backside on the wall. Enough to cause a yellow flag and end, in practice, the training with a minute of advance.

Pole to Doohan. Drugovich was fourth, while Pourchaire started in 14th in both races over the weekend.

F2 2022, Italian GP, ​​Monza, Main Race Starting Grid:

1 J DOOHAN virtuosi 1:31,641
two L LAWSON carlin 1:31,767 +0.126
3 M ARMSTRONG High-tech 1:31,834 +0.193
4 F DRUGOVICH PM 1:31,845 +0.204
5 R VERSCHOR trident 1:31,859 +0.218
6 J DARUVALA price 1:31,882 +0.241
7 IWASA DAMS 1:31,920 +0.279
8 J VIPS High-tech 1:31,969 +0.328
9 L SARGEANT carlin 1:32,023 +0.382
10 F DRESS ART 1:32,027 +0.386
11 D BECKMAN Van Amersfoort 1:32,192 +0.551
12 THE CORDEEL Van Amersfoort 1:32,348 +0,707
13 R BOSCHUNG fields 1:32,352 +0,711
14 T POURCHAIRE ART 1:32,424 +0,783
15 M SATO virtuosi 1:32,452 +0.811
16 AND FITTIPALDI Charouz 1:32,455 +0.814
17 C WILLIAMS trident 1:32,652 +1,011
18 L GHIOTTO DAMS 1:32,854 +1,213
19 D HAUGER price 1:32,913 +1,272
20 THE CALDWELL fields 1:33,195 +1,554
21 C NOVALAK PM 1:33,345 +1,704
22 T CALDERON Charouz 1:33,625 +1,984

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