Galo takes an important step towards becoming SAF in 2022; understand

O Athletic approved on Wednesday (7) the club’s adherence to law 14.193/2021, which authorizes Brazilian clubs to become Sociedade Anônima do Futebol. This is the first formal step towards the implementation of the new system in the alvinegro club. In November, the Galo Deliberative Council will vote for full adherence to the program and then become SAF.

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The club’s collegiate body, formed by president Sérgio Coelho, vice president José Murilo Procópio and the group called 4Rs, made up of businessmen Rubens Menin, Rafael Menin, Ricardo Guimarães and Renato Salvador, was responsible for the first approval.

In the market in search of finding a good investor, Atlético informed that, at first, the quotas will belong, in their entirety, to the black and white club itself. In the process of finding a partner, Galo relies on the financial advice of two companies, EY and BTG.

“The measure aims to prepare the institution for possible investor entry, since the process of exchanging information with them is in progress. Any investor entry and sale of part of the quotas only occur if – and when – approved by the Board, in new vote”, explained Atlético.

For Galo, it is important that the investor has experience in the world of football and a “foot” in Europe and the United States, as highlighted by the club’s CEO, Bruno Muzzi.

“The money, any investor who comes will have it. More or less, but the money will come. The profile is the most important thing. My opinion is that this investor should have one foot in Europe, with the expertise of European football, of grassroots management, which is so important, of standardization, but with another foot in the American, entertainment market, which knows how to exploit these assets and maximize revenues in a variety of ways. That for me would be the ideal profile for us,” he told ge in August.

After completing the sale of the remaining part of Shopping Diamond Mall to pay debts, Galo placed the SAF agenda as a priority for the club.

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