Garmin pins Apple with battery that lasts “months”

Last Wednesday, Apple launched the new Apple Watchesincluding the model Ultra, dedicated to sportspeople and people who need a more durable watch — both physically and in terms of battery life. Well, in the case of this last question, the maker of smartwatches and accessories dedicated to sports Garmin took a jab at Apple’s “reality distortion field.”

The company dedicated a few posts to Apple’s new products. In a tweetthe company said it measures battery life “in months, not hours.”

In another post, as I brought the iPhone in CanadaGarmin “remembered” that it launched a smartwatch whose power autonomy was up to 50 hours in… 2012. Finally, the company posted a video of a satellite communicator on Instagram, likely in reference to the iPhone 14’s Emergency SOS.

While the Apple Watch Ultra promises up to 36 hours of battery life (or up to 60 hours with a future power saving mode), the Garmin Enduro 2 offers up to 46 days(!) or 150 hours in GPS mode, as it has charging via solar energy. In the United States, the Apple watch costs $800; the one from Garmin, US$1,100.

It is worth remembering that the Apple device offers several features that the competitor does not have, such as electrocardiogram and body temperature measurement, as well as monitoring symptoms of problems such as atrial fibrillation, detecting falls and now even car crashes. It is notable, however, that, being aimed at athletes and adventurers, the Ultra’s battery life may not allow for every type of “adventure”.

Still, it looks like Garmiu has already felt it.

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