George Clooney Was ‘Overwhelmed’ by Director Criticizing His Kiss in Film

Actor George Clooney has revealed he was “bowed” after a director criticized his kissing skills during a scene in a film he made early in his career. The Hollywood heartthrob was offended because he used ‘real life moves’ – that is, he kissed like he was kissing in everyday life – and was scolded.

“I remember early in my career, I had to do a kiss scene with this girl and the director said, ‘It’s not like that!’ I was like, ‘Man, that’s my move. It’s like I do in real life,'” George Clooney told The New York Times.

In question, the star did not reveal in which movie the situation happened, nor who was the star who kissed her, or even the director who caught her attention.

In the same interview, still talking about kisses, Clooney said that kissing Julia Roberts in her new movie, “A Ticket to Heaven”, took about six months to get perfect. “It was 79 shots of us laughing and then one shot of us kissing,” he explained.

In “A Ticket to Heaven,” Julia Roberts and George Clooney play a divorced couple who join forces to try to get their daughter to back out of a marriage they consider to be hasty. The film is now showing in Brazilian cinemas.

Check out the trailer:

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