‘I can’t see the monarchy continuing’

In an article in The Guardian, Stella Gonet reflected on the Queen’s death and the experience of living it in the film about Princess Diana.

Stella GonetScottish actress who played the queen Elizabeth II in “Spencer” (2021), reflected in an article published in the British newspaper The Guardian about the death of the monarch, which was reported yesterday, 8, and his experience in playing her in the cinema.

The film, directed by Pablo Larraincount with Kristen Stewart in the princess’s skin Dianawhich received a 2022 Oscar nomination in the Best Actress category, and centers on the British royal family’s Christmas celebrations at Sandringham.

Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in “Spencer” (2021) / Disclosure / Diamond Films

In the text, Gonet revealed how she had to channel the sovereign to be able to play the role with veracity, which made people change the way they addressed her while she was “incarnating” Elizabeth II.

“As soon as I came out of the makeup with the wig, people totally changed for me. It was extraordinary. ‘Can I get you something? Can I do something for you? Are you okay?’” said the actress. “Usually people are very tactile with me, but suddenly they get out of my way. There was only immediate respect. It was like I was on a horse, which meant they couldn’t get too close.”

As for acting, Stella told how he found it difficult to get the exact tone of the queen’s voice, “because she was so elegant, and her walk was also difficult.” “She behaved incredibly well, even towards the end. She had a very good gait,” she highlighted.

I also noticed that she always made sure her hat was always high on her head, so her face wasn’t covered. She felt that people needed to see her,” she explained.

end of an era

Stella Gonet as the Queen in “Spencer” (2021) / Disclosure / Diamond Films

For the actress, the queen’s longevity “was partly due to the fact that she has other interests, in particular that huge passion for dogs, horses and outdoor activities – as well as those very strong intimacies with her mother, sister and the prince. Philip”.

“I think she had tremendous loyalty to her duty and her people. She took her job very early on and did it with incredible dedication.” Gonetadding that he thinks the British throne is going to be “very empty right now”.

I can’t see the monarchy continuing. But I’m Scottish so I can’t talk about being a royalist,” she wrote.

“I think a lifetime of that must be very difficult. Live fully for others. To always be on display. You can imagine? Horrible. I may not be a royalist, but I was a big fan of the queen. It was an honor to play her,” she concluded in the article.

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