“I eat everything, but in moderation” Nicole Kidman works daily to maintain a muscular body

The world famous Nicole Kidman is admired for her undeniable talent as an actress. In addition to being an excellent professional, she is loved for her off-screen charisma.

Recently, this beautiful and mature 55-year-old woman caught everyone’s attention for her good shape.

Nicole appeared on the cover of Perfect magazine, where she showed off her abs and muscles – impressing all her fans. In addition to the athlete’s body, the actress has beautiful skin, not looking like the passage of years.

All these attributes caught the attention and aroused the public’s curiosity: what does Nicole do to maintain this good shape?

Contrary to what many may imagine, the actress swears that her appearance is not the product of surgeons or cosmetic interventions. She credits all her results to a lot of exercise and a balanced diet.

The secret to a tough exercise routine is to vary activities: “If you think you’re going to wake up and run three miles every morning for the rest of your life, you’re going to get bored and hit the snooze button after a week. So I try to mix it up with sports, running, yoga and even going for walks with my husband and kids.” declared the actress.

The actress practices yoga, runs, climbs outdoors and swims whenever she gets the chance.

On the plate, “Nick” follows the 80/20 diet: 80% of her food is healthy and 20% is free for all the delights she wants to eat.

“I eat everything, but in moderation” Nicole said.

One of the temptations that the actress cannot resist are… sausages. Would she like to eat one in a Brazilian dogão well stuffed with tomato sauce and grated cheese? Yes or for sure?



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