Itaú, Mastercard, Microsoft and Rede will give XBOX video games; see how to win

Event promoted by the institutions will select and award participants with an XBOX video game. Know more!

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On September 14, Itaú Unibanco and Rede promoted the Xperience Connection event, which will bring together partners for a disruptive experience, with an immersion in business, innovation and technology.

On that occasion, the 2nd edition of the Itaú Connection Hackathoncarried out in partnership with Mastercard and Microsoft, with the aim of creating solutions for the pain of entrepreneurial customers.

In addition, the event will award some participants with an XBOX video game. Check out!

About Xperience Connection

The Xperience Connection will be carried out in a hybrid format: online for companies in the market that are interested in participating and in person only for partners of the Itaú Connection – the largest relationship program in the commercial automation and electronic funds transfer (TEF) sector, created with the objective of to promote acquiring and financial services to the customers of the Network’s more than 100 partners.

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Thus, those interested in participating in the Xperience Connection must register until September 11 through the website

Registration for the Payment Solutions Hackathon will open on the day of the event (14) and will run until September 25, also through the website:

The event’s target audience are technology companies

The programming marathon is aimed at the Itaú Connection partners, as well as technology companies (startups and fintechs). All employees of these registered companies can participate, forming teams of at least two and at most five members.

“We are promoting one of the largest payment solutions hackathons in Brazil to promote the development of projects that solve the needs of our retail customers”, explains Angelo Russomanno”, director of the Network.

Participants will be challenged to develop solutions mapped from the ‘voice of the customer’ and will be mentored by C-Levels executives from Itaú, Rede, Mastercard and Microsoft. Among them, specialists in User Experience, Information Technology, Products and Business and Communication.

The three best solutions will be awarded and among the prizes are: a Digital Safari, a trip to Silicon Valley – with immersion and experiences in universities and large companies -, in addition to an exclusive visit to Microsoft and an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) – or, a set of initial tests carried out with the objective of verifying the feasibility of launching a product or service – of the solution with Itaú.

Participants will also be awarded with Azure Day – a day of technological immersion, with the aim of helping teams to prototype their ideas. This experience will be offered by Microsoft, in the online model.

Finally, from among the winners, Microsoft will select a team from a technology perspective to award developers with a XBOX video game.

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