“It’s Flamengo’s new desire”; ‘Pilhado’ delivers first surprise reinforcement that Braz wants to announce for 2023 and Nation approves


Mengão is already thinking about 2023 and can make his first hire

- Thiago Asmar
© Photo: Playback/Young Pan– Thiago Asmar

Flamengo is the Club that any player dreams of playing. It’s no wonder that Rubro-Negro managed to even, in a simple way, sign the midfielder Arturo Vidal. The Chilean had a dream of wearing the Holy Cloakbut this was only possible thanks to the power of investment that Mais Querido has and, thus, the agreement was soon finalized.

For 2023, the investment should be even greater. For the football portfolio, signings will be made on a timely basis. It is in this context that the journalist Thiago Asmar brought a very curious novelty that became an option at Flamengo: Pedro Raul (25 years old), top scorer in the Brazilian Championship wearing the Goiás shirt. The communicator confirmed the veracity of the news and gave more details.

(…) Pedro Raul, top scorer of the Brasileirão, highlight of Goiás, is the new desire of Flamengo. Pedro Raul is Flamengo’s new desire. I can only think of one thing, if you’re after Pedro Raul, you already know it’s going to be difficult to hold Pedro. I think, because we know what Flamengo’s management is like… it works with spare parts (…)”, said Pilhado before continuing.

(…) She (management) plans to not lose the player and not have a substitute. Pedro is the current King of America, he is the top scorer of Libertadores, and besides, he goes to the Brazilian National Team. (…) So, Pedro with all this showcase, especially if he goes to the World Cup, he will arouse European interest. He will arouse interest from big clubs (…)”, revealed and even ended talking about it.

(…) So, I think it’s already a plan by Flamengo for a possible one by Pedro. Gabigol, I think it’s more difficult, he’s older, 26 years old, he shouldn’t go to the World Cup, but Pedro, 24 (years old), player of the Brazilian national team, going to a Cup, I think it’s very likely that Pedro arouse interest in the European market and, therefore, I think that Flamengo is already ‘connected’ with Pedro Raul, Goiás striker”, opined.

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