Journalist who provoked Palmeiras at Allianz Parque receives punishment from the association of journalists

After being eliminated from the Copa Libertadores, Palmeiras left the pitch and went to the changing rooms at Allianz Parque. The fans, sad, also left the place. And a journalist from the Band, who has said a few times that he supports Athletico, celebrated the final whistle and clearly provoked Verdão.

João Paulo Capellanes recorded video on social media shortly after the game. The post was commented on by fans of the palm trees. ACEESP (Association of Sports Chroniclers of the State of São Paulo) confirmed the journalist’s punishment after the act.

“Due to the content of the videos of his authorship, posted on social networks with a wide audience, in which he adopts behavior that goes against the provisions of the statute in relation to the posture of the journalist, when on duty, in areas strictly reserved for the work of the press in football stadiums,” justified the entity.

“Finally, we reiterate that ACEESP does not condone behaviors that violate professional ethics and that do not comply with the protocol provided for areas specifically designated for the work of the press”, concluded the document signed by Nelson Nunes.

Administrative proceedings were initiated to investigate the situation. Capelanes has 15 days to defend himself. The Band is also aware of the punishment.

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