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Among her unusual privileges as a British sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II didn’t need a passport or driver’s license, celebrated her birthday twice a year and owned all the swans and sturgeons in the country, which will now be inherited by her son, Charles.

Neither passport nor driver’s license

The queen could travel undocumented and, unlike other members of the royal family, did not have a passport, a document that is issued in her name, so she could not grant herself.

For the same reason, it had a privileged regiment in terms of driving cars, since it was the only British woman exempt from the requirement to have a driver’s license.

two birthdays

Elizabeth II blew out candles twice a year: on the day of her birth, April 21, in private, and during the official celebrations of her birthday, traditionally held on the second Saturday in June, to escape bad weather.

According to the family’s official website, historically the birthdays of British monarchs are celebrated on different days than their births if the date is not in the summer.

no vote

As head of state, he had to observe strict neutrality on the political level.

Thus, he did not vote and could not run for election. However, it was she who opened the legislatures of Parliament and sworn in the prime minister, with whom she regularly met.

Swans, Dolphins and Sturgeons

Elizabeth II didn’t just rule over the British. For several centuries, swans that roam free in the country’s waters have been considered the property of the British monarch.

Every year, these animals are the subject of a meticulous recount in the River Thames, a tradition that is now part of environmental preservation policies.

The same royal prerogative applies to sturgeon fish, dolphins and whales in the waters around the UK.


The Queen was a great lover of corgis – a short-legged breed of dog from Wales – to the point of having created a long line of these dogs herself, which could roam freely around Buckingham Palace and which were immortalized along with her in photographs and paintings.

His passion began with Susan, the first corgi that he received as a gift when he turned 18, in 1944. According to the British press, the queen stopped raising them for fear that they would be orphaned after her death.

But her son Andrew gifted her in 2021 with two dorgi dogs (a cross between a dachshund, the “sausage dog”, and a corgi) to cheer her up during the hospitalization of her husband, Prince Philip, who died shortly afterwards. However, only one of them survived.

First email in 1976

Long before the general public heard of the internet, Elizabeth II was the first monarch to send an email, in 1976, during a visit to a military base.

Twenty-one years later, it launched the first official website for the British royal family.

official poet

Every 10 years, the Queen awarded a poet of “national importance” the honorary position of royal poet, which is accompanied by a barrel of sherry as a reward. This tradition dates back to the 17th century.

But only in 2009, the first woman, Carol Ann Duffy, obtained the title. She wrote poems for Prince William’s wedding in 2011, the Queen’s 60th coronation anniversary in 2013 and Prince Harry’s wedding in 2018. In 2019, she was replaced by Simon Armitage.

real supplier

From French champagnes to carbonated drinks, passing through small British producers, the brands that supply the Crown have the privilege of exhibiting the royal coat of arms in their stores. A great honor and, above all, a formidable selling point for the chosen ones.

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